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Wonder Clips For Binding Quilts

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Today we are talking all about wonder clips, including why I love them, how to use them, where to buy them and why you will love them too!


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oh let me count the ways I love you.

You don’t poke my fingers like a pin…when I am wrapping my fingers around the quilt edge to prep for binding.

You don’t snag my thread when I’m stitching the bind on with my super long thread

You don’t get caught on the table because of your flat slim back.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Wonder clips— are wonderful.

Red Clover Wonder Clip Details:

  • they have a flat back so they won’t get caught on anything and can slide along your sewing machine plate easily if needed
  • the back is CLEAR so you can see where it’s going
  • there are tiny stripes on the backside for measuring- make sure your folds are all the same size

  • the pinchers are easy to open- fingers won’t cramp up
  • they hold very tightly and firm without damaging your fabric
  • perfect for vinyl as they don’t cause holes


Typically I use mine for binding. You can substitute them any time during the sewing process– instead of pins, but binding seems to be where I use mine the most often.

Fold over your binding and clip in place along the edge.  I don’t usually clip the whole quilt at once, I do a little section and then sew, then do some more.

You can experiment with them and see what process you like the best.

These hold very nicely the binding- and as you can see there is plenty of space for the needle to go and not get tangled with the clip.

There are other options to the clips— clothes pins, binder clips…they work all right but seem to be a little to pinchy and clunky for binding.  Thread gets caught on those too easily.

There is some debate on whether the clover wonder clips or the cheaper brand clips are better.  I say test a few out.  I do find with the cheaper ones that sometimes the quality isn’t as great as the wonder clips– the spring sometimes doesn’t work or they close wrong. but overall for the money I don’t think you can go wrong for a few bum pieces.

Besides red- they have been seen in multiple colors….so you can pick your favorite!

AND- as if they weren’t totally awesome to begin with, they now come in a multiple sizes

Wonder Clips Video~

Where can you buy them?

I have picked them up at local quilt shops as well as on Amazon and Fat Quarter Shop

Jumbo Wonder Clips:

Red Clover Wonder Clips

Mini Wonder Clips

using wonder clips for binding-- there are jumbo and mini ones! not a fan of binding, but these would help

Do you have a tip for using these? Please share it in the comments-


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