Free Printable Yardage for making Binding Strips

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Nothing is fun about not having enough fabric yardage for binding strips. I’ve been there before- have the perfect idea of what you are going to use, perfect pattern of fabric, color- you name it, it’s perfect.

However, when  you finally get around to making those binding strips, you find out that you don’t have enough….or worse yet, you are only a couple of inches short!


Not fun. Not fun at all.

Today, how about if I told you that is was possible to know exactly what you need…and what size of fabric you need for the binding!

Yes, it’s possible.

the yardage for binding strips printable 3 sizes!

This will help you figure out exactly what you need and– depending on your strip cuts, the amount of fabric you need.

Binding does take a bunch of fabric, so getting the right amount can be hard.

Pick from the 3 sizes (try a few and find your sweet spot) and you’ll know exactly how much fabric you’ll need for binding.

yardage for binding free printable

Now, what I can’t help with is— using the fabric before it gets made into the binding!

I’m notorious for putting it on the shelf, knowing exactly what I need it for– but then, it disappears. Not really, but it gets cut into something else and used in another quilt and then…no binding fabric.

I cannot help with that. If you find a way to curve this behavior I’d love to hear about it!  It might involve in putting it in the project bag, labeling it or stacking it in a special stack just for binding.  I have yet to try one of those out….it might be time!

Now you’ll be all set for knowing your yardage for binding strips- no more guess work!-

Download the Yardage for Binding Strips Printable here

2 thoughts on “Free Printable Yardage for making Binding Strips

  1. Betty M Lamoreau

    I’ve followed your directions to access the “free” printable cheat sheets, and have been unable to get them, despite several attempts. I’m disappointed that I had to register on your site, without getting anything in return. Please don’t spam me, now that you have my contact info.

  2. Lynette Beattie

    I attempted to download some of your “free” printable cheat sheets the other day and had a problem with my printer. The problem is not resolved and I cannot print anything from this site. Very disturbing. You advertise “free” but nothing is free if not available to print. Please make this site better and user friendly.

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