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Single Fold Hem Or Binding Tutorial

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In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to make a single fold hem. It’s super easy and great for finishing simple projects.

Today I thought I would share a quick video tutorial showing you how to sew a single fold hem.  There are times when this method is needed.

When you are stitching with fabric that doesn’t fray (or you are wanting it to fray) this single fold hem or binding is perfect!  Plus, you’ll get a mitered corner!! what?!! yes. yes you will.

Are you ready to get started?!

single fold hem and binding tutorial

Single Fold Hem~

Materials needed:

any kind of project that you are wanting to have a finished edge, but you are ok with a single fold….raw edge will be showing

Basic Idea:

You’ll be taking the edge of the fabric and folding it once to the other side.   This can give you options if the fabric you are using is double sided….. like the faux leather and fuzzy fur fabric I am using in the video.

Other fabric this would work for– minky (they have different feel or print from one side to the other), fleece – doesn’t fray along the raw edge.

What is a Mitered Corner?

A mitered corner is when the corners meet up and they have an angle at the point.  It can be tricky, but once you figure it out it really is easy to do!

mitered corner 4 p

Straight stitch or zig zag along the edge?

You can use whatever stitch you’d like when sewing the single fold hem over.  A zig zag stitch would help the fabric keep together without fraying, but if that isn’t an issue you can just use a straight stitch.  No biggie.  That’s what was used for this project.  As you can see though, there is a loose edge and a zig zag stitch would keep that down. Your choice.

corners of doll blanket p

How to Single Fold Hem Video Tutorial:

Sewing Projects you can give a try:

simple napkins (this has a double fold hem, but same idea!)

sewing machine cover

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What kind of projects do you use this with?

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