DIY Basketball Jersey with the Cricut Maker

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Learn how to DIY basketball jersey with the Cricut Maker Video tutorial.  I’ll walk you through the steps so your jerseys come out great and everyone will be happy.

I had an opportunity to make the basketball jersey shirts for my two boys for their team they put together this past year.  It was a rec-team, so nothing terribly fancy.  They had the name for the team picked out—  TRAPPERS —

After doing a bit of research as this was the first time I’ve made a jersey, I was able to figure things out and the basketball jerseys came out great.

The boys are teenagers, so the sizes of jerseys are mens Medium and Large.

Learn how to DIY basketball jersey with the Cricut Maker Video tutorial. 


Cricut Maker – learn all about the Cricut Maker here

Easy Press – learn all about the Easy Press here

Jerseys bought here: Epic Sports

They had a great selection of styles and designs. We didn’t need the reversible option, but these shirts were.

You can purchase vinyl here – the Vinyl Spectrum or here Expressions Vinyl

*purchase the vinyl that is suitable for jerseys, it needs a little stretch. If using white, find the one that will not bleed or take on the bleed of the shirt it’s on.

DIY Basketball Jersey with the Cricut Maker

1- pick your font and size. 

For these jerseys, I use the font: Bauhaus 93  (grab other free fonts here)

The size of the font:  1 3/4″ height

Number on the front: 2 1/2″ wide x 4″ height

Number on the back: 3 1/2″ wide x 5 1/4″ height

I found these sizes to be pretty good.  They fit on the pages I used great and they were large enough on the shirts to look good.

Here’s a quick look at the font selection for their team name.  We found one that was fairly close to another font that the boys really liked.

Here’s a quick look at the font selection for the numbers.  The numbers are the same on the front and the back. I only adjusted the size before cutting.

2- Mirror before you cut.   This is super important when you are working with vinyl that has it’s own carrier like the jersey vinyl.

3- Cut your vinyl

4- Remove the background vinyl

5- Cut the team names and number apart (I used a rotary blade for this)

6- Place your shirt on an iron board.  I also used a pressing mat in between the front and back of the shirt.

7- Set your easy press to the correct setting for your vinyl

8- Measure and place your vinyl in the correct position on the shirt

9- Place a transfer protection sheet on top, prior to pressing to protect the jersey

10- Press the vinyl for the correct amount and remove the plastic transfer sheet.  Give another press if needed with the protection sheet in place

11- Repeat process with the numbers under the team name and the numbers on the back of the shirt

I was so nervous when I started this project. First time working with the htv vinyl and it really came out nice. Was so proud of myself for jumping in and just doing it! Plus, the team really liked how they turned out as well- so that was good!


Learn how to DIY basketball jersey with the Cricut Maker Video tutorial. 

Have you used the htv vinyl before?

Have any tips or hints for me?  Leave them in the comments.

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