Disappearing Quilt Blocks – Row Along

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The Disappearing Row Along is a free quilt along! You’ll sew up disappearing quilt blocks all year long! 64×80 row quilt Explore this fun technique.

I’ve had this idea in my head for a little bit of time now and finally put it together and finished it— and am so excited to be announcing a row quilt along (completely free) this year. 

The whole quilt is based on quilt blocks that are made from Disappearing quilt blocks— quick note: these are blocks you sew up and then cut up and then sew up again. 🙂

There is a good mix of starting quilt blocks, so you’ll have some good fun trying out this new technique with a few different blocks. 

I’ve enjoyed in the past sewing up disappearing quilt blocks, but found that I wanted to try more than one….but didn’t make enough blocks to actually make a finished quilt. 

There are a few…and some fun projects that you can find in the Disappearing Quilt Block ebook here

This is a great ebook that has 7 blocks and 4 projects using those blocks. 

Disappearing Row Along- free on Patchwork Posse. Come sew along!

The Disappearing Quilt Block Row Along is just that- a row quilt along. 

You’ll be sewing up a few disappearing quilt blocks and then sewing them together to make a row. 

I’m hoping that you’ll love exploring the process of the disappearing quilt blocks as I have, and even look outside of the suggested pattern and come up with your own kind of fun!  

While all the quilts have the opportunity to look similar (because of the block instructions), if you look into your own designs and twists…your variation could be completely different.  No worries if you want to follow the pattern, that’s totally acceptable as well. 

Disappearing Row Along- free on Patchwork Posse. Come sew along!


Download the materials list and tracker sheet here.

The pattern will be available in the shop for FREE for the first month the latest part is released. 

All previous blocks will be available in the shop for purchase. 


disappearing row quilt along on patchwork posse

Disappearing Quilt Blocks – Row Along

64 X 80


Materials list with all supplies needed + a tracking sheet are available now (in the shop)

8 rows in the quilt

8 different disappearing quilt blocks – including 9 patch, half square triangles, hourglass, four patch, pinwheel


Share your progress here!


I’ll be announcing each month in each of those places!

For all posts in this series, visit the Disappearing Quilt Blocks – row along here.

Materials List

Row #1

Row #2

Row #3

Row #4

Row #5

Row #6

Row #7

Row #8

Setting Instructions

We’ll see you the fourth Monday of each month!

Don’t forget that you can keep everything together for the year with the 2019 Calendar!



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