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Where to buy the Cricut Maker

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Do you know where to buy the Cricut Maker? Have you seen this fun loving and cutting machine around and wonder what it’s all about, and where you can pick one up?

Today, I will share a few places where you can pick up the machine and a few deals that you should look for as well.

Where to buy the Cricut Maker~



What other things should you look for?

Cricut Access Membership Plans – there are 3 different plans from fonts, fonts & images with a discount and the premium plan that includes the whole kit and caboodle with an awesome discount.

Easy Press – this is a large flat, hot iron. Great for pressing your fabric, applique and shirts when fusing.

Bright Pad – this flat, large surface is perfect for tracing your templates, or weeding your cuts

If you are looking for more help.  Cricut has a wonderful Help area.  Check it out — I’m sure you’ll find your answer in there!

Watch for more helpful info on the Cricut Maker– it’s a quick series!

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