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Introducing the Cricut Maker

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The Cricut Maker arrived to the house a couple of months ago, and while I’m super excited to have it here and all, I’ve been a little bit busy and haven’t done much with it yet.

However, I do know a bit and am learning new things all the time.

In fact, I’ll be doing a little series on the machine.  Just in case you have one as well, you can follow along!  That would be fun!

If you want, you can join the fb group- ask some questions or whatever about it as well.  Happy to answer the questions and find out for you if I don’t know the answer!

Today, let’s go over what all arrives and what the machine can actually do!

What comes with the Cricut Maker?

Right out of the box, when you purchase the Cricut maker you will get:

Here’s a video of the Maker showing up to the home.
You also get access to 50 free projects that come with your Cricut Maker  sewing patterns, quilting, paper projects, iron-on images, vinyl decals, and two complete parties. weeeee!

How Much does the Cricut Maker cost?

ok- so yes. It’s a bit.

$399.  Don’t go all crazy though.

This has so much power that you’ll find it just as usable as a sewing machine (which is probably more than this!)

What is new with the Cricut Maker?

This machine is especially made for sewers and quilters.  It’s accurate and with the new rotary blade, you can cut any shape…..name it– applique, doll arms, bodies…flower petals, leaves, berries..yes- even berries!

Perfect circles every time.

This is the first machine that has a rotary blade.  yes-

The Rotary Blade.

With the Cricut Maker, you can get your patterns (and mark them) in just about 15 minutes. They have a new washable marking pen, and from what people have said, the ability for the machine to mark your patterns is basically the best thing EVER.

And yes, you can upload your own patterns.  Before sending them to the machine, you’ll want to make sure they are the correct size as that is not adjustable once the machine has the file.  It’s considered a project, not an image and won’t be adjustable.

They are also offering the Cricut sewing kit  it comes with sewing scissors, a pin cushion (which looks like the machine!!! – too cute!), tweezers, seam ripper, leather thimble, and a measuring tape. It is priced at $29.99.

Next, the knife blade.  wow.

You will be able to create puzzles, model projects, and so much more.  It even will cut thicker material like leather, framing mat, cork and more.

The knife blade is 10 times more powerful exerting 4 kilograms of force through materials.

Something that is amazing is that this machine optimizes the blades for each material it cuts it optimizes the pressure, creates the cleanest cut possible, and in the end, this optimized the life of the blade.

Oh, and Print Then Cut! You can now print on colored and patterned paper. Yay!

You’ll be able to print template lines, sewing lines, cutting lines, stitching lines…. you name it- with the Print then Cut.

What else is new?

Beyond the addition of the sewing features and deeper cuts, the Cricut Maker has some really great functional and design updates.

First off, there is no open button! It kind of scared me the first time!

At first I didn’t really know this and the base opens on it’s own.  Crazy!

There is a holder where you can put your smart phone or tablet, which is great news for those of you who use these devices. Super simple to have it sit there and your hands and fingers have quick access to tell the machine what to do.

There are now two tool cups as well.  Nice!


The Cricut Maker can cut more than 100 materials, including materials that the Cricut Explore wasn’t able to cut well!

I’ll be putting together some new tutorials to show how this machine works and working with fabric too.

Additional Cricut Supplies:

the Easy Press – oh yes. It’s a large, flat IRON!!!!  No holes. No Point. A Simple, yet super hot iron.

It even sits in it’s own little doc so nothing gets burned.

Perfect for the Cricut or pressing applique or fabric.

Check out the Easy Press here.

Bright Pad~

This crazy pad is full of light…that helps you transfer images, helps with tracing and pulling those little pieces away from the cut materials as well.

Place your paper or fabric on top, turn it on and the cut lines are illuminated as well as the template if you are tracing.

Check out the Bright Pad here

This is part of a mini series…. there will be a new post about the machine for the rest of the week, so make sure you come back and visit!

Ready to do more with your machine? Here are some helpful tutorials:


Do you have a Cricut machine?  What do you think? Love it? Have some tips to share?


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  1. Crafter

    Have they came out with the knife blade yet? I’m having a hard time finding it.

  2. Becky

    They have the standard blades – the ones that came with the other machines as well. The only one new is the rotary cutter one.

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