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Cricut Maker Printables and Free Fonts

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Using the Cricut Maker is so handy!  There are a lot of resources out there for free printables, templates, patterns and even free fonts for you to use and choose from!

A few that I’m just getting to know a little bit better about is the use of fonts and printables.

Design Space is the program system that Cricut uses for telling the machine what to do.  It’s an area where you import designs, files, fonts and more.  Then once it’s in there, you can make changes- like size, cuts, and more. So many possibilities and just like any other program, it takes time to make it all work together and to understand how to make it do what you want!

Using fonts in Design Space

Cricut Design Space makes it easy to personalize your project using text and different fonts.

You can use Cricut fonts as well as any system font installed on your computer or iOS device.

Visit Cricut Help for more info on using different kinds of fonts.

As with anything, you’ll find that there are a lot of resources out there for free fonts– as well as paid fonts.

Writing with Fonts:

What’s a fun surprise with the Cricut Maker is that now you can draw the fonts as well!

Use the pens and markers to draw the images, fonts or whatever on the paper that you have chosen for your project. Super simple.

You can use Cricut pens with your Explore machine to write any font by changing the line type of your text to “Write” instead of “Cut.”

However, Cricut Design Space offers several Cricut fonts specifically designed to be drawn with a pen and not cut.

While most fonts will trace the outside of the letters, writing style fonts feature letters with single strokes, so they are the most similar to handwritten text.

When you insert text, you can directly choose a writing style font.

How to use any font in Cricut Machine?

Do you have a nice collection of fonts already and want to use them with your machine?  You can!

First you’ll need to install the Cricut Design Space application on your computer (you will do that after you open the box and set up the machine)

Then, just start the Cricut Design Space™ application and in the Fonts list you will see all your system fonts already synced.

Select any of these fonts and them in the same way you use Cricut fonts.

Nothing is funner than diving into fonts and finding some really fun and exciting ways to use them!

They are great for any kind of project…..and applique!

I’m thinking that a fun name on a quilt or project….or a way to personalize your notions– fonts are perfect for that.

Remember that you can either cut on the inside or the outside of the letter.

Now that you kind of get an idea of fonts…what about finding projects. 

Free projects for the Cricut Maker

Wow- the internet is seriously a magical place as far as providing projects— both free and paid for the Cricut machines.

The first place you can check out is the Cricut Blog.  It’s loaded with projects- free that you can start with.

Over 100 different designs on 101 Directions

Quilters Quilt block on a pallet-Fun fall wreath and other projects~

  • start diamond painting with diamond art by leisure arts, powered by diamond dotz!
  • full lace lace front wigsprovide ample styling options because you can do anything to a human hair wig that you can do with real hair that grows naturally from your scalp.

Fun projects on A little Craft in your day

Home decor projects on Crafted Sparrow

Rae Gun shares some great free cricut projects – a little bunny too!

Fabric and paper crafts on the Homes I’ve made

Let’s Make Stuff has some adorable SVG files to use on your Cricut

The options and projects are endless.

I would love to see what you’ve made using your cutting machine!

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