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How to Use the Easypress by Cricut

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The EasyPress by Cricut is like the ultimate iron.   It’s flat, large surface— with the digital addition doesn’t need to be only for the crafters of the world.

Let me show you how to use the machine and how you can use it for quilting!

There are a lot of irons out there.  I have another one– Oliso, which is one of my favorites….. but as you know with your collection of sewing machine, a collection of irons is sometimes required.

You will find that irons come in all shapes and sizes.  There are tiny, tiny ones for applique, there are heavy ones for pressing, there are steam masters for getting any kind of wrinkle out.  You know there are a lot of options.

The EasyPress really is wonderful, and after I tell you a little more about it, you might want to give it a try in your own sewing room.

Pick up the EasyPress here.

Here’s the quick faq’s for the EasyPress

Do I need the Cricut or other machines to use it?

NO! This is a stand alone product. Simply plug it into the wall and set the temperature you are needing. Simple. Quick. Great for any kind of pressing.

What can I iron on?

Any surface is really ok.  Now, do I use any surface? no.  I use an iron board that I made a few years back with a wood interior.  I also use a portable iron board that has a cutting mat on the other side and folds together. Perfect for quick storage or grabbing and taking anywhere in the house. We all know that quilting spreads and sometimes it needs to be portable. 🙂  You can also use a portable ironing mat.

How do I know what temperature and setting to use?

Check out the printable below.  You can post this anywhere for a quick review when you use it.  Also- the digital display on the EasyPress will show what temperature you are at.

Do I need to move the EasyPress around when I am using it?

Not really!  It’s great for just setting in place, adding a small amount of pressure. When the timer goes off (if you are using a timed press) lift it up, preposition and press again. Simple.  As with any iron that we use for quilting, you are really pressing the fabric and not scooting the iron back and forth.

Does it need a lot of pressure – meaning, do I have to lean into it for it to work?

NO!  That is part of the beauty.  It’s heavy and because of this, slight pressure is all that’s needed to use it. You could set in place and let go if you wanted to.  Let it do it’s job.  If you find that it’s not quite enough when you remove it, set it back down for a little longer.  If you’d like you can try firm or light pressure and find out what works best for you.

Why are there no holes?

This is NOT a steam iron, so there are no holes! No dripping, leaking, steaming. Yes, you can still spray just a bit on the fabric for starch, but you won’t be filling this with water ever.  You can even use a damp towel underneath the fabric for a steam.

Auto Shut off?

yes! After 10 minutes of no moving and inactivity, the EasyPress turns off. Love that!

How do I store it?

Use the base! This thing is awesome and holds the machine perfectly.  Nothing is on the flat surface to scratch it and it can literally be placed anywhere and it won’t burn the surface below.  There are vents though, so don’t go setting it on your pile of quilts. It does need to breath to release the heat a little.  It also stores lying flat. No worries about it tipping over.

What are the dimensions of the EasyPress, and how much does it weigh?

  • The heat plate of the EasyPress is 9″ x 9″.
  • The full press measures approximately 9.5″ square and 4.25″ high from the bottom of the heat plate to the top of the handle.
  • The safety base is 11.5″ square and approximately 2.1″ high.
  • The EasyPress weighs 5 lbs.

How can I use it for Quilting?

I have found that I love this when pressing larger pieces of fabric. The heat is consistent, the surface is large and flat.

This maybe isn’t the iron for half square triangles, small little fabric pits or other pieced items.  Large pieces of fabric that need a quick press – before you store it or cut it.  This is great for that! Also is great for those layer cakes that accidentally were creased or folded.  The hot surface is around 9″ so anything around that mark is perfect for this machine!

It also comes with a setting pamphlet, but seriously– it’s printed kind of light and I struggle to see it! So, here is a quick printable with it a little ‘fancied’ up and darker in text.  Feel free to print it off here.  Tape it up on your wall or inside a cabinet door to keep it handy.

Buy the EasyPress here.

Cricut EasyPress Heat Setting Printable

If you pick up one of these machines, or have one already- this printable can help you keep things a little straight! There are a lot of options with the machine as far as timing and heat settings.  This quick printable can be stored in your sewing room, behind a cupboard door, or taped to the wall for quick reviewing and reference.  It’s free to print- enjoy!

Download here- Cricut EasyPress Heat Setting Printable

I am fairly new in this Cricut journey, but if you have any questions- please drop it in the comments.  I’m happy to answer or find out the answer if I don’t know!

Or, if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear about it!



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