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Supplies & Tools for the Cricut Maker that you’ll love

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Not sure what to use with your Cricut Maker?  Let me help you by introducing to you the best supplies and tools for the Cricut Maker – that you’ll love!

I have a little issue— it’s a collection called supplies and tools.  I do love them. I have a lot of them.  Mostly they are related to scissors, rulers and fabric….but these might be coming up close behind in the collection area!

But seriously, they all come in handy and serve their own purpose….and I love them.

You might be just starting off in the journey of the Cricut— and maybe just a little bit overwhelmed with all the supplies and tools out there.  Let’s go through a few and you can decide for yourself it that is a tool that you’ll need for the projects you are making.

Awesome Supplies & Tools for the Cricut Maker

Supplies & Tools for the Cricut Maker~

the quick list: 

Cricut Maker Pens

Now, let’s break it down:

Cricut Pens— 

Watch your machine write, draw, and doodle for extra-special personalization. These pens pack sweet color and are acid-free, nontoxic, and permanent after 24 hours drying time.

Indoor Removeable Vinyl—

Customize without commitment! Create easily removable decals, labels, window décor, media covers, and more.

Adhesive Foil—

Turn heads with the eye-catching shine of Cricut® Foil Iron-on! Customize fashion, accessories, party and home décor, and more with this fun heat transfer material.

Transfer Tape—

Ideal for making easily removable decals, labels, and other DIY projects.

Printable Materials—

These are a variety of materials that you can customize yourself. They include – stickers, magnets, vinyl, fabric and iron on transfers.

Washable Fabric pen— This is a marking pen that you can use for making patterns!  It will mark notches so you can line things up properly, it will also mark fold lines and more.

Bright pad–– Wonderful surface that lights up.  Great for transfering images, designs, applique, embroidery and more.  You can even place your cut material here and the cut lines will light up, making it easy to see where to weed and remove the pieces you don’t want to use.

Easy Press––  Big, flat surface that gets hot, hot, hot.  It heats up quick, beaps at you when the timer goes off and has settings that you can use depending on your project you are making

Mats––  they are different and you’ll use the one that is specific to the project you are making.  There is one for vinyl, fabric and paper

Tool sets for the Cricut Maker


Supplies and Tools for the Cricut Maker

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Do you have a favorite tool or supply for your machine?

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