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Guest Designer Becky of Bobbin in Quilts

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Becky and I have attended the same quilt group together for a couple of years. She is up and coming and exploring the world of pattern design.
I thought it would be fun to introduce her fun-loving designs and style to you this year. You’ll love getting to know her and you can follow her on Instagram as well.
Her style is more traditional with a fun twist of color pops and surprises. I’m excited to share her pattern this month with you.

Here’s a few random facts about Becky:

1. I always have such a hard time talking about myself. I would rather listen to other people talk about themselves.

2. Right after I got married, my husband told me I needed a hobby. So I blame him for my quilting addiction.

3. When I am not inside quilting, I am probably outside in the garden, or out for a run.

4. One of my biggest pet peeves is having to repeat myself. Needless to say, it happens a lot because I am the quiet one in my family.

5. My favorite color is dark blue. But I don’t do a lot of quilting with dark colors.

About the project for the quilt group: 

I am sharing a pattern for a throw size quilt called Color Seeds. My husband came up with the name. It is a fun block to make that is manipulated around, so it only looks hard!

Color Seeds


For the quilt top:

Main color fabric – 1 1/2 yards

Background color fabric – 2 yards

Accent Color fabric – 1/4 yard

Two Border fabrics – 1/3 yard each

Download the Pattern: login to access

The Night Sky Mystery Quilt Block

The block I am sharing is called the China Doll Block. It is super easy to make, it only looks complicated.

Download the Pattern: login to access

~ Enjoy her interview ~

How did you get your start in sewing?

My mom signed me up for a sewing class when I was about 9 and I have loved it ever since! I made my first quilt in a high school sewing class after the teacher decided she couldn’t teach me anything else!

What inspires you?

Colors are usually my main inspiration. I love seeing things like a sunset and using those colors in my projects.

Do you have a favorite notion?

I really love my super sharp Gingher Scissors. Quick and simple!

What’s coming up for you that we can check out~

I am really excited to be a part of this group!!

Quirky or fun fact about yourself?

I am double jointed in my thumb. No, that doesn’t make me a better quilter. I wish though!


Becky has so generously offered a shop coupon to our members for the full month of July! Thank you Becky!

coupon code exclusive to our group is: login for discount code!

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