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10+ Simple and Quick Quilts to make with the Cricut Maker

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Can you really cut a quilt with the Cricut Maker?


If you think about this machine– it has a rotary blade, just like the one you use and is able to cut out any shape and size (within the size parameters).  This makes this machine really versatile!

No dies, shapes or other gadgets needed for cutting.  You are able to find the shape, adjust the size and cut away! So simple to cut a quilt with the Cricut Maker.

For a full tutorial on cutting fabric – visit here:  Cricut Maker Cutting Fabric Tutorial and video

Find yourself a pattern.  This might seem like a hard thing, but once you get the hang of it, I’m thinking that you’ll have more ideas and quilts than time!

10 plus quilt patterns you can cut with your cricut maker

Rules to cut a quilt with the Cricut Maker~

1- simple geometric designs

2- shapes that you can find in the Design Space for Cricut or that you can ‘translate’ in design space

3- shapes and designs not larger than a piece of paper

You could go for something that is more intricate, but if you are just exploring this area- I would keep with a little simpler of a design and shape.

Other than those….. have some fun!

10 plus quilt patterns you can cut with your cricut maker

Quilts that you can make using your Cricut Maker~

beautiful quilt you can cut with the Cricut Maker

Lone Star Quilt- uses 10″ squares….great for the machine and quick cutting

Zippy Baby Quilt – cut those larger pieces to 5″ square and then you’ll be ready to go!

quilt you can cut with the cricut maker

Fresh Diamonds Quilt- Great for lots of half square triangle cutting

Bye Bye Baby Bunting – cute buntings that are simple to cut and then applique in place

Cut a quilt with the cricut maker

Snowbirds Quilt – Cute and simple. The placement of the fabric makes the shape work!

Scrappy butterflies quilt- I’m pretty sure that Design Space has a butterfly you could use for your template.

Crossroads quilt – simple a fun pattern!

Summer Beach Quilt – look at those fun shapes for the fish, waves and boats!

Almost a log cabin – great for cutting out the many sizes in one fabric at a time

Comfort and Joy Circle Quilt – those circles would turn out perfect with the cricut maker!

simple quilt you can cut with the Cricut Maker

Wee animal quilt tutorial- so cute— and fun shapes you can cut accurately

Diamond Dash –

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