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the Round Robin Edition 4 – Keeping projects & quilting activities all straight and organized.

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happy monday….

Last year there was a series on the blog all about organizing your projects.

In fact, it was 16 days and there were 16 free printables- one each day.  Every one of them was different and dealt with organizing something different.

It covered, retreats, daily sew, project planning….etc.

In fact, you can still get those sample pages here.

Because seriously…..

Who wants to spend all their time searching around the room for pieces of a project, what project you actually need to sew on and better yet….cutting another set of borders that you didn’t even need!

If you are ready though to take on though the year of 2018, and make it–

the year of finishes

the calendar can give you that extra organizational help you are looking for!

The year is laid out for you so it’s easy to add what you are working on, track your progress…and actually get something finished!

Plus, if you didn’t already know, there’s a fun extra bonus with your purchase! You’ll get a digital version of over 15 pages so you can get started right away while you’re waiting for the calendar to arrive!

in the sewing room….

I’ve kind of been laying low the last couple of years. It’s been quiet.

I’ve kept to my own projects, the IAQ quilt group, the blog- and the block of the month, etc.

I’ve not stepped out into too much of donations and helping out in the local groups I meet with.

This year, I’ve taken on a different approach…and have pushed myself a little bit to explore doing more donations and service.

Of course, this meant that at the meeting for the SLC Modern Quilt Guild…..and they were looking for a new president.  I offered.

Now, I did wait till I thought about it over night and didn’t just jump in crazy quick.
I have been a president in the past and it takes a bit of time and energy.  The last couple of years, I just haven’t had it. I feel like right now though, I do.
I’m actually really excited!  There have been more opportunities open up for the group this year that I’m excited to introduce and be apart of.

So…. my mind is swimming with ideas and possibilities.

Nothing is better thought then finding new ideas– so if you have one for me, or a suggestion, or a topic for a meeting.  I would love to hear about it!

Join my discussion here.


the new Cricut Maker Machine. 

Oh man, this has been crazy fun to use and get to know and use!

I’m still experimenting, but there will be some projects coming to show you what it can do and how it works…just in case you are a little interested.

Last week, there was a mini series of sorts all about the machine that you can check out.

Introducing the Cricut Maker

Tools & Supplies you’ll love

Projects & Fonts

the Easy Press

sew it….

Oh man.  Trimming quilt blocks and squares are not on my favorite list.

I found out the hard way though, that it’s really kind of important.

It will mess things up if the blocks aren’t the right size….or if you ignore that little curved area, or a little area where things get kind of crazy.

These need to be fixed and the blocks ready to go before moving on to sewing them together. Believe me.

The time you take to trim and square up will be so helpful in the end and save you unpicking time in the future!

You can find the free tutorial and video on trimming your squares here: Trimming half square triangles. or here

Did you know?– that you can even sew 8 half square triangles together at one time? yes! Here’s the tutorial for that here.

If you already know and do your trimming…check out the free quilt tutorial here to sew: Early Bird Baby Quilt

something fun….

Early Bird Baby Quilt. cute and simple with a few half square triangles and bird applique  Click here to read more…

This Out to Sea baby quilt is great for picking up practice   Click here to read more….

Start with one quilt block to try out sewing and squaring them up. You’ll end up with a mini quilt and there are a few versions, depending on how you lay your blocks out. Click here to read more…

Grab your favorite background and set your half square triangles with that. Great quilt tutorial. Click here to read more…

quilty chit chat…

There have been a few fun projects posted in the Quilting 101 fb group.

Someone is sewing up the Solar Eclipse Quilt! You can check out the progress here.

Join the group for free here.

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