the round robin edition 3 - all about sewing for charities. including links to tutorials and organizations you can sew for
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the Round Robin edition 3 – Bringing back donations

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The past few years have been a little low key when it’s come to donations.

I haven’t done much, if any.

It’s been missed!  In my mind I kept telling myself, I just don’t have time.  After I finish this project. But, this needs to be done.

This year, I’ve chosen to go back to helping out others….. in a sewing and quilting manner.

When at my first quilt group meeting for a local group- there was an opportunity to pick up some precut pillowcase parts and sew them together.   At the end of the meeting, I dug into the pile and grabbed a bunch.  I think around 10.  If they are precut and ready to go, why not?! Simple and quick to do.

They were sewn in the burrito way.  At one point, I had Eliza sew a few….she could help out a little bit too, right?! She loved it 🙂

Another opportunity popped up for the Modern Quilt Guild.  They are putting together quilts for fire victims in California.

They were collecting quilt blocks – Perkiomen Valley Quilt Block  is the quilt block they provided.  Which is a great idea. All the blocks are the same…they will just be different colors.  I really can’t wait to see how they all come together.

In all, I finished 8 blocks.

I found the hardest part was picking the fabrics!  Something that has enough contrast….

Besides sewing for other, the other fun part is keeping track of what I’m doing! It’s been a delight to write it down, check it off and then in the back put it down on the donations list for the year.

I am ready to fill it up!! (you can pick up your calendar and tracking here)


Finding opportunities for donations and sewing for charity sometimes can be tricky.  If you aren’t in a group or have friends that do this, you might not know where or what you can do.  I’m totally like that too!

To help you out, let’s give you a few options that you can peruse and maybe you’ll find one that is just right for what you want to do.

Days for Girls.  This one I participated in years ago.  Loved it. You make pads and other items that are packed into bags for girls in Africa to use.

Quilts of Valor.  Wonderful spot for quilts that go to service men and woman.

Pillowcases.  This program is still going strong.

You can also find more Sewing for Charity ideas here.

sew it–

A couple of years ago a quilt group I belonged to worked on quilts to donate.  The pattern that we picked was- the Jelly Roll race.  Super quick and fun!

Everyone brought a pile of fabric strips to make the quilts with.  They turned out a little on the crazy side, but are wonderful just the same!

We picked one night during the quilt group meeting, brought a couple of sewing machines, divided into 3 groups and we sewed, sewed, sewed.

You can find the free pattern here:  Jelly Roll Quilt Tutorial.

the round robin edition 3 - all about sewing for charities. including links to tutorials and organizations you can sew for

Something fun—

Pillowcase Burrito Tutorial.  You can make a pillowcase super quick with this tutorial.  Click here to read more…

Fidget Quilts tutorial.  Great for Alzheimer’s Activity Mats  Click here to read more….

Nicu and infant tutorials. There are quite a few patterns and tutorials here to get you started on sewing items that are needed for Nicu babies and infants in the hospital.  Click here to read more…

Dress around the world. Sew up a super cute pillowcase dress for this charity that provides them to those in need.  Click here to read more…

Quilty chit chat—

There have been a few fun projects posted in the Quilting 101 fb group.  Someone is sewing up the Solar Eclipse Quilt! You can check out the progress here. Join the group for free here.

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