quilters knot tutorial | patchworkposse #sewing #embroidery
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Quilter’s Knot Embroidery Tutorial

The Quilter’s knot embroidery tutorial. Make it easy every time. No more wondering how to make that knot! You’ll learn how to get it right and make it work.

For years the Quilter’s Knot eluded me. Not sure there is any other embroidery stitch that stumps me.   I just couldn’t understand how it twisted and how it ended up so nice.

I gave it a few good tries….was shown by multiple people.  I usually just ended up rubbing the thread until the end knotted by magic and went on my merrily stitching way.

Only until this last year have I finally declared myself as a master of the quilter’s knot.

And– just in case you are similar in your experience with this knot…here is a quick tutorial on how it works.quilters knot tutorial | patchworkposse #sewing #embroidery

Quilter’s Knot Tutorial~

1)  Pull the thread through the eye of the needle like normal

2)  Take the long tail of the thread and place it back onto the needle- facing the eye

3)  Twist the thread around the needled {the thread will be moving clockwise} two or three times.  The more times you wrap the needle the bigger the knot becomes

4)  Pull the thread down the needle bunching up the wraps together

5)  Slide the thread wraps off of the needle -down past the eye and push it all the way to the end of the thread

6)  Your knot will be at the end of the thread

quilters knot tutorial | patchworkposse #sewing #embroidery

Do you have any secrets to making your knots?  Share them!

Watch it in action here~


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  1. Kate

    I was reading, and trying, this at 5:30 a.m. – do you realize what a challenge it was to try this so early in the morning? 😀 The good news is that it worked, thank you so much.

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