Embroidery Stitches for Samplers

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Embroidery Stitches are more than just a straight stitch. Sometimes I forget that and just keep repeating the same basic embroidery stitch after another.

The most common stitches that I use are the running stitch, stem stitch, chain stitch, and blanket stitch.  Beyond that, I need a quick reminder that the needle and thread can do more than that!

Finding good sources of stitches can take a bit of time, so after digging around for a bit- here is a list for you to use.

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Resources for Embroidery Stitches~

Sher is a good friend of mine and she is the applique queen!  Her designs are simple and sweet.  Here you can find a little series on learning a few different Embroidery Stitches while stitching on an applique.  The instructions are great and the stitches are super basic.  Perfect for the beginner embroiderer.

embroidery stitches

part 1- applique tutorial

part 2- blanket stitch and straight stitch

part 3- back stitch and running stitch

part 4- daisy stitch and satin stitch

This site has a wonderful A-Z list of Embroidery Stitches!  Along with the name, they do have a quick reference diagram…..so you won’t get lost in the search because you can’t remember the name.


9 basic embroidery stitches are listed on this site with a diagram to help show you what to do.  Not fancy, but it totally does the job.

5 basic embroidery stitches — a great place to start for beginners.

The Stitching Cow has some wonderful videos showing some different stitches- great for those visual sewers!

Sublime Stitchine has a series on different beginner embroidery stitches

Bustle and Sew has a brand new embroidery and stitchery primer that you can download for free.

Lately I have found myself using more than two threads when stitching.  I like the bulkiness of it, and it really hides my stitching mistakes a little better.  If you are going for a more dainty style of embroidery, the less thread the better.  Go for one thread and it turnes out super sweet and dainty.

Also- what about stitch length when sewing?  I have seem some mentions that 18″ was the length to cut your thread…..after trying that a few times I found that was too short. By the time you knot the end, fold over the thread  at the needle and leave space for knotting the other end, you are out of thread!  Try a few lengths and after a bit you will naturally start cutting your thread right where you like it.

Out of all the Embroidery Stitches, What’s your favorite?


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