Basic Embroidery Stitches – Buttonhole

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There are a few basic embroidery stitches out there- and the buttonhole is one of them!  It is kind of like a go-to stitch too for me.

I would say that it is an easy stitch, but getting it started sometimes is tricky for me.  Once I get it going though….there is no stopping!

This stitch is one that I use all the time -either hand or machine- when doing applique.

basic embroidery stitches- buttonhole. great for applique / it to save for later)

Buttonhole Embroidery Stitch Instructions:

  • Starting is a little tricky –start your needle coming out at the edge {where the stitches will kind of line up straight}
  • Put your needle to the depth that you want the stitch to be.  It will go down here and then bring the needle back up in line with the edge -or where you will want the stitches to line up
  • Wrap your thread around the needle so it is behind it. {first picture}
  • Pull the needle and tighten the thread just a bit to keep the tension right
  • Continue the process until you have the length you need {notice that my stitches ARE NOT equal….. I am not a perfect stitcher.  With as much as I have done, I should be…but I didn’t notice this until all the pictures were taken.  For you and your stitches, I would expect them to be perfect. 🙂  The depth of the stitch and the length should be equal with each stitch}
  • When you are ready to finish, the needle will go down right below where the thread is coming out.  Pull it to the back and knot off or run your thread behind a few of the other stitches to secure

Here is what it will look like when you are using this stitch for applique edging-

embroidery stitch button hole tutorial for applique /

  • Same instructions as the one above, but your ‘straight’ stitch is along the raw edge of the applique
  • What happens at the corner?  Bottom, right photo shows where you will need to put the needle. Same depth, and the needle comes right out on the point.  If you’d like you can have your needle go down in the same place three times at the corner.  Once for the side stitch, one for the corner, and one for the other side stitch.
  • Continue on your merry way

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Looking to see it in action?  Here’s a video to show you how:

Do you have any tips/hints for stitching the button hole?

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