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Elf on the Shelf Printables and Doll Pattern

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Sew up the elf on the shelf and then print off some fun activities. Pattern includes doll – boy and girl, apron, hat, patchwork bag, skirt and label.

Last year this little set of Elf on the Shelf dolls were designed.  They have been waiting patiently for the

Holiday season to begin so they can come out and have some fun.  (my kids are too old to believe, but it doesn’t mean they can’t come and hang out!)

I got thinking last year though that the world is full of girl elves too isn’t it?

Why is it only the boy we see having all the fun?  Of course we girls are actually the smarter ones and have more fun. wink. wink.

So- there is a girl elf that you can sew up to be a partner or the boss.

You decide how it is in your family.

elf on the shelf -free pattern | patchwork posse #elfontheshelf #freepattern #christmas

Elf on the Shelf – boy and girl Dolls

This set includes:

  • boy and girl doll templates
  • girl is sporting a skirt!
  • instructions for making their arms and legs bendable- they need that to do fun things
  • apron- so they can help in the kitchen if they’d like
  • hat- just like Santa’s
  • envelope template
  • patchwork bag so everyone keeps safe while ‘off season’

The pattern can be found right here-  You can save it to your computer too and print it whenever you need it.  

The doll pattern is perfect for any time of year or subject.  No need to wait for Christmas to sew them up.

After you have sewn them all up, you might want a few printables to keep them busy and so you don’t have to think too hard on putting this together!

Free Elf on the Shelf Printables & Activities- there is something for everyone~

Month of ideas for your elf to do!

Free elf on the shelf letterhead so you can make your own printed notes

Free elf on the shelf notecards– so you don’t have to fill up a whole page!

Activity cards that focus on service

Their last day letter and saying goodbye

It’s a whole kit– pick and choose what you’d like to print and use for your elves

Their first note when they arrive

Notes– pre made. Print and place!

Just in case you forget a day– Calendar

Elf on the Shelf Poems

Cute simple notes… use them any time!

Notes of Kindness

There are quite a bit more out there- you will have to go looking for yourself.  

No need to over do it though. Just have fun and enjoy it.  

Even if it’s just the dolls like us!

2 thoughts on “Elf on the Shelf Printables and Doll Pattern

  1. Christy

    Hello! I bought your Elf on the Shelf pattern a few years ago (darling!) and want to make another. I still have my pattern template, but my copy says to find instructions on this site. I cannot locate them. Can you add the link or send a link to me? Thank you!

  2. Becky

    there are links in the post that will direct you to the instructions for each part- so the dolls, accessories…etc. Check those out- they should be what you are looking for.

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