How to Create Printables with Picmonkey

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There are times when you wish you could ring up a designer.  You know- you need something printed…. you need something designed.  You have no idea where to turn.

Let me introduce you to Picmonkey.  They are an image tweeking program that’s free.  There is a premium version -which allows you access to a bunch of extra things.  I had the free version for a few years, but this past year I splurged and purchased the premium version and I’m so happy I did.

Whether you upgrade it or not it won’t matter….. you can still create printables with either.

how to create printables

Materials you need:



How to Create Printables with Picmonkey~

  1. Hover over Design– this will bring up a menu drop down.  Pick the canvas size you are looking for.  For this project I picked the full page option.
  2. Upload your images if you have clip art that you are wanting to use.  —no clip art? No problem.  look on the left sidebar.  There are quite a few options.  You really will have to play around in there to find everything it can do.  For now we are looking at two of the options- the text and the overlays or shapes.
  3. FOR NAMES:  click on the Tt on the left.  It will bring up a nice selection of fonts for you to use.  Click on the one you like and then click on add text button at the top left of the page.  This will drop an empty box on the canvas.  Type what you’d like.  You can adjust the size, the bold or italic. You can even play with color if you’d like.   Notice that the options with the crown are for royal or premium users only- not for the free version.  If you have a text font on your own computer you’d like to use, click on the mine option at the top of the font styles and it will find them for you!
  4. FOR Clip art with borders or frames, you will need to click on the overlays option which is the butterfly on the left side bar.  This will pull up a very large list of categories to choose from.  They even have some that are themed for the Holidays or special occasions.  Click on the one you’d like to add- again you can customize the size and color and some of them have two colors that you can play with as well.

How to Create Printables with Picmonkey

For the image above, I typed each name in- made the size huge and then chose a different font for each one.    The images that are on the paper are from the clip art or overlays they offer.  These are perfect for using on gift bags or other little Christmas projects I have going on.

Make sure that if you are using these as an iron on transfer, you will want to mirror the letters.  So- after you are done sizing and choosing the font of the names or words, click on the word and then click on the arrows that are on either end of a line.  That will reverse or mirror the words.  Perfect for iron on projects!

Customize your own Santa Bag (this comes with a free downloadable print)

Christmas gift bag and printable - Do not open before Christmas

What kind of printable do you use?

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