the Round Robin Edition 2 – A year of finishes

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I have this goal of getting a few large projects done by the end of this month.

So far, so good.

What has been nice though and keeping me on track is the Calendar.

Having a place to write it all down so I don’t get sidetracked has been the best!  You can pick up your own copy here.

patchwork planner & calendar. it's filled out! January is ready to go and I've been sewing away on what I have written down. Love that it's all in one spot.

in the sewing room…..

As mentioned above, I have been on a sewing roll to get a few large things ticked off the list by the end of the month.

Here is my list— the Sampler of 2018.  The 1st one I am sewing in civil war fabrics.

Then I had a super awesome idea of sewing a second one…. in a different color way. yeah. why not?!  A king size quilt. Sure…..

Those two have been on the fore front of the sewing machine.  I will keep you up to date on their progress and hopefully will have them done by Jan. 31st!!

The other project I am finishing up this month is the BOM Three’s Company.  (free on the blog)

I had one finished— but thought (again) that another color way would be fun, so there ya go.

Helping me out though was spending a day at my moms sewing like a mad woman. I love those kind of days! They really get me ahead because I can just plow through the piles and not worry about the family for a long stretch.


Fabric. What to choose, what colors match? 

If this has been going through your mind….let me help you out a little bit and let’s talk about precut fabrics.

Pre-cut fabric can be a life saver.  I used to not be a big fan of themI liked to hand pick the collection of fabric I was going to use in a project.  My sense of style is a bit quirky and mixing and matching the fabric was the only way I like it.

The variety of fabric and lines is incredible these days.  To help me not waste time in the fabric store, fussing over each and every piece of fabric {not that I don’t mind being there longer than I need} I find that the pre-cut fabric and kits are more and more appealing.

If you are looking at what there is out there for precuts– you can read more here.

snowman quilt tutorial | patchworkposse

sew it…

During the cold winter, nothing is better than hanging out with a snuggly quilt and some stitching on the lap.  This snowman quilt reminds me of the fun that snow brings with it when it’s fresh and the kids are hopping about ready to head out and go play.  It’s a fun quilt- with a little bit of character with each snowman face.

it’s a super quick quilt to sew.  Plus, you can use up your scrap corners for a matching pillow.  This makes a fun set for giving or tossing on the couch during those long winter months.

Grab the free snowman quilt tutorial here!

something fun…

Strip and flip- a great way to use a jelly roll, and seriously– your quilt be done before you know it!  Click here to read more…

Make it in a weekend quilt tutorial. Great for your fun flannel fabrics…and it’s tied, not quilted. You can totally do this in a weekend.  Click here to read more….

Triangle quilt— it’s not that hard and there are no funny seems! Great quilt for using big print fabrics too. Click here to read more…

Charm Squares- well.  Actually it’s 10″ squares, but the original was charms. Have a layer cake sitting around? This cute and simple quilt will work up in no time.  Click here to read more…

quilty chic chat…

There is an introduction post going on…if you are interested in dropping a note as to where you are, that would be fun!

Join here if you are interested in adding your quilty cents!

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