how to sew a hexagon pincushion
Hexagon Pin Cushion quilting Tutorial Becky  

Hexagon Flower Pincushion Tutorial

You know all of those hexagons you have laying about?  Maybe you started your little collection of flower hexagons?

They can be used in a little project– a pincushion.  No need to go overboard with the amount of hexagons…. you will just need 7 for this project!

how to sew a hexagon pincushion

Materials Needed:

7 hexagons for the flower

background for the flower- 8″ X 8″

base for the pin cushion 8″ X 8″

polyfil stuffing or crushed walnut shells

side of pincushion 2 1/2″ X 18″

hexagon flower pincushion

Hexagon Flower Pincushion Tutorial~

1)  Sew up 7 hexagons- reminder tutorial on how to hand sew hexagons

2)  Sew your hexagons into a flower shape– quick tutorial to show you how.

how to sew a hexagon flower

3)  Print out a large 5″ hexagon.  Cut out the template and cut around your fabric leaving lots of forgiving space

5 inch hexagon template

4)  Pin your hexagon flower in place on top of the backside piece

5)  Hand stitch the flower down- your stitches will travel underneath the fabric and you just barely take the edge  of the hexagon before going back down.  If you kind of hide the stitch on the underneath side, your stitches will not show from above

sew your hexagon flower down

6)  Remove the paper under the hexagons before stitching is done!

pull your paper out

7)  Cut around the flower using the hexagon template — I added 1/2″ around every side to make the pin cushion just a bit larger

trim around the template

7)  Sew the ends of the strip together to make a tube.  Sew your side piece to the top of the hexagon — when you get to the points of the hexagon, you will STOP stitching 1/4″ from the point — leave your needle in the down position and pivot the materials.  Realign them for the next edge.  Repeat the process at each corner

sew the sides

8)  Using the same method, sew the bottom of the pin cushion to the side–leaving a 2″ opening for turning

9)  Turn the pin cushion right sides out and push those points out

10)  Stuff how you like- I used some crushed walnut shells as well as polyfil.  Here are some other great filler ideas for pin cushions.

stuff the pin cushion

hexagon flower pincushion tutorial

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