Arm Chair Pin Cushion and Sewing Pocket Tutorial

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Night is kind of the best time to sit and relax….and nothing is better for relaxing then some hand stitching.  What I find though is I loose my scissors, miss place the thread, and who knows how many buttons and other goodies are tucked in between the cushions or behind pillows.

To save a little bit of frustration, the arm chair pin cushion and sewing pocket is perfect.

pin cushion and sewing pocket tutorial

Materials Needed:

fusible fleece

backing 7″ X 20″

fabric strips- can be scrappy!

binding 2 1/4″ X 53″

2– 6 1/2″ X  6 1/2″ muslin squares

2– 6 1/2″ X  6 1/2″ fabric squares– lining for the pockets

6 1/2″ X  7″- pin cushion

polyfil stuffing

arm chair pin cushion and sewing pocket tutorial

Arm Chair Pin Cushion and Sewing Pocket Tutorial:

1)  Fuse the fusible fleece to the backing (cut to the same size)

2)  Place one strip in the center on the fleece side.  Pin in place

3)  Sew a strip to either side of the center strip.  Flip to right sides out and iron.  Continue this quilt as you go process until the whole fleece is covered.  This is a quilt as you go technique.  Trim your piece to 6 1/2″  X 19 1/2″ Set aside

quilt as you go technique

4)  Using your muslin squares as a foundation, sew strips to the other side — for the example the center of the log cabin is fussy cut fabric. Then strips are sewing around the center square.  This is similar to string piecing technique.

5)  Place the pocket lining right sides together with the pieced pocket.  Sew across the top, fold to other side, iron and stitch 1/4″ finish stitch

log cabin quilt block

6)  Pin your pockets to the ends of the long background strip.  If you have fussy cut, make sure those are facing the right way!  Stay stitch around the pocket less than a 1/4″

7)  Fold your pin cushion fabric in half the long way, right sides together and stitch

8)  Place fold in the center on the back and pin in place in the center of the large background strip.

9)  Sew this edge down

10)  Stuff the pin cushion with polyfil. Doesn’t need to be super stuffed.

stuff the pin cushion

11)  Pin and stitch the open end to the side of the background piece

12)  Sew your binding around the arm chair pin cushion and sewing pocket- you are done!

pin cushion for couch

This is perfect for folding up and taking to another room…or better yet, make one for each room that you lounge in.  A different project in each!

pin cushion and sewing pocket

The pockets aren’t deep enough to loose your stuff in there forever, but they are a good enough size to hold a pair of scissors and other sewing notions and needs for whatever project you are working on.

arm chair sewing pocket

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