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Vintage Embroidery Pin Cushion Pattern

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At some point along the way in my growing up years I was given a purple velvet and small squared needle point or embroidered pin cushion.  I was told it was my great grandma Price’s.  That she had made some for the grandkids and I was one of the lucky recipients.

This pin cushion has always been with me since.  It has crushed corners.  It is a little more worn.  But, I love it.  And occasionally I use it.

embroidery pin cushion free pattern

When we bought this house the sewing cottage was a large mess.  After cleaning it out and going through everything that was inside, there was a bag of embroidery and needle work.

I was in love with the little small squares of embroidery and thought they surely looked familiar.  They were just the same size and the same design as my little purple velvet backed pin cushion I have!

They have been sitting aside for a while now, but I have finally put a few of them together into little pin cushions.  Now, I know I wasn’t the one who did the embroidery, but they are just as fun to use.

Today I thought I’d share how you can quickly turn a needlework project or embroidery into a super cute pin cushion.  The finished pin cushion will be the size of needlework that you are using.  It would be fun to have a bigger, longer or circle pin cushion.  I have seen a lot of different embroideries and needle works out there.

pincushion with needlework

Materials needed:

small embroidered or needle work– the finished size will be the size of your pincushion

velvet fabric- backing.  Same size as the embroidery

Polyfil stuffing

pin cushion pattern with vintage embroidery

Pin Cushion Pattern:

1)  Cut the backing velvet the size that you are matching to your top.

2)  Lay right sides together the backing and the embroidery.  Pin to secure.

***  I DID NOT trim the needle work or embroidery until AFTER I stitched the velvet to it.  The framework for the needle work can shred and come undone easily.  Then all of the stitches will come apart too.  Bad news.  Leave the trimming until after you have stitched around the piece first.

3)  Stitch around the outside 1/4″ of the backing, leaving an opening for turning

pin cushion tutorial sewing

4)  Stitch again around the outside — this will secure all that embroidery

*** I had to make sure my stitches were past the embroidery just a bit.  The frame work will show on the front if you don’t cant the first stitches of the top.

5)  Snip the corners

6)  Turn right sides out

7)  Stuff with polyfil

8)  Using a ladder stitch, close the opening

embroidery pincushion tutorial

You might have to brush the velvet fabric just a little bit along the seam line.  That will loosen the fuzzy fabric from the stitches and will look a lot better.

Love pin cushion patterns?  Here is a quilt block pin cushion, or a rolled wool pin cushion, or a kitchki pincushion, or a doily topped pincushion, and some fun flower pins.  Have fun!

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