20+ Pencil Pouches for Back to School

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Looking for some pencil pouches?  Back to school is happening all over the place!  While there are always rules on what you can and can’t bring to school– pencil pouches are perfect for showing off  a little personality without going overboard.

Some are simple and just get the job done…others are more functional – like the ones that can clip in your binders.

Or, if you are really looking for something a bit fun and funky- the car, shark, even the pencil shape are a great place to start.

pencil pouches for back to school. there are over 20 tutorials!

20+ Pencil Pouches for Back to School~

sharkpencilpouch14 3 ring binder zipper pouch tutorial
car pouch zippered_pouch_300
full_8030_144590_PaperPiecedPencilCase_1  48e2d973e67a9b67b549005c4dd38ef7
 DSC_1131  dsc031161-e1346101128488
Personalized-Pencil-Case-Tutorial-s knotted-pencil-pouch-sewing-tutorial
Make+a+Pencil+Case zip-it-up-pencil-case
 Flower-Power-Zipper-Pouch-Hero  full_1040_12907_ZipperedPouch_1
 SayYesHowTo-103  BTSLiErPC1
 full_1464_131603_Canvaspencilcase_4  083af6cda7a44816f60ce6a32ebced3c
 0603-DSCN3889-rev-1  9497542047_ce569673a2_z
 0c789629567df301c387cd8230fd2ce2  full_4572_92448_FreePencilGlassesCase_1
 bb725ce946a35e1e274b679831322208  Gwenny_Penny_Pencil_Pouch_FINAL_Txt

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