cricut Machine Tool Organizer

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Store all your Cricut cutting tips and blades in the Cricut Machine Tool. Lot’s of space, easy to use and store your Cricut supplies.

This cute little Cricut machine tool organizer fits anywhere! It doesn’t take a lot of space and it works perfectly with all your cutting blades.

In the past, I’ve been keeping my blades here and there and everywhere! They are usually hanging out in the machine storage pocket or in a baggie that I have quite a few Cricut accessories in.

While that has worked for a bit, it’s really kind of a pain to dig around and search for the tip that you need! Plus, the blades can hit up against things and cause a few issues with nicks in the blades or small marks on the machine.

I love how the NEW Cricut Machine Tool Organizer has enough space for quite a few blades. Not only that, the bottom has 9 spots for different blade tips. While I don’t have any at the moment, I’m looking for some to add to my collection.

Both the lid and the bottom area are easily accessible. The blades hang on the inside area allowing the tips to not touch anything and get damage!

You can find the Cricut machine tool organizer here:

Cricut site


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