Sewing Studio {Spring Clean- organize notions}

Sewing Studio {Spring Clean- organize notions}

Along with fabric I think that notions is the second place winner of collections in our sewing studios.  We love to try new things, collect a lot of goodies, and there must be a way that we can keep it all organized and contained.

Sewing Room Ideas for your Button or other Collections

The largest collection of notions that I have are buttons. I mix them {gasp} vintage and new alike.  And– I use them!  Right now I collect my buttons in a jar on the shelf.  Secretly I have an extra large drawer that holds more! I love to dig through them, find new ones or the perfect button for the job.  The drawer holds the buttons that are still on cards, hook and eyes, snaps, things like that too.  You can see another great button organization idea here.


For other collections like zippers, velcro, beading supplies, …ect I put them into little containers with lids so they can stack easily.  I keep with the clear ones so I can see inside what’s there.

sewing studio patchwork posse

Lace and Ribbon in your Sewing Studio

My collections don’t contain themselves to buttons alone.  I also collect ribbon, lace, ric rac…whatever I find interesting really.  These are almost as irritating as bobbins with the ends coming un rolled constantly.  To keep these under control drawers are nice to use.  They are closable, stackable {can you tell that I love that feature}, and they are clear on the front so you can see what kind of dissaster you are keeping under control.

sewing studio patchwork posse

Keeping the lace and ribbon on the origional spool is a great idea.  If they aren’t on them anymore, roll them up tightly and pin the end down so it stays in the roll.  There might be other options- like hanging them on pegs {kind of like the thread}, but this is working for me.   Heather shows how to fold the ribbon and lace notions.

I also have one drawer dedicated to ric rac and hem tape.  these are easily stored standing up right in a row because they usually stay on their cards pretty good.

What about all those rulers, scissors, pencils, glues….you name it hanging around on your cutting table and in your way?  After picking up this garden box at a yard sale, I filled it full of smaller containers to hold the collections. This is a great way to keep the clutter of your sewing studio under control in the space that you work in.

This is my go-to spot for notions that I use all the time. They are in my face {so i don’t forget about them}, making it so easy to use them…and put them back!

sewing studio patchwork posse

How to you organize your notions in your Sewing Studio?


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  1. I love the idea of using the old tool box to store frequently used items like pens and scissors. I am a huge fan of clear stackable containers too. I have my buttons in an old metal candy tin. I love just grabbing handfuls of buttons and letting them fall through my fingers. I don’t mind admitting some of my weird habits lol.

  2. Sandra

    17 April

    I love it, knowing that you organize like I do is good, I know that I’m not alone in my crazyness…lol…..!!!

  3. Susan

    17 April

    Love your button jar. I’ve grown up using cans. My mom used a Folger’s coffee can, and I used a flour tin, but the jar looks great. I use the sterlite drawers like you have and also USPS flat rate boxes. =)

  4. Tania

    18 April

    My button collection is stored in a decorative hat box that I bought several years ago at The Family Dollar. In fact, I have 3 of them in graded sizes. The largest one holds a project in process, the middle one is for the buttons, and the small one holds miscellaneous photographs that have not found a home in an album.

  5. Betsy Beech

    25 February

    I use lots of flannel and that makes tons of dust and lint so I re-use covered take-out plastic food containers, label them and stack them neatly on my shelf. Although not clear I can see at a glance what I’m looking for.

  6. Paula Young

    9 March

    To keep my lace and ribbons under control I wrap them around the cardboard center from paper towel or toilet paper rolls & put a pin in the end.

  7. Linda

    9 August

    Buttons are stored in plastic boxes with adjustable dividers, a box for each color of buttons. Other notions in clear boxes that stack from walmarts. They are stored on adjustable shelves in a closet

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