Round Robin Border 8 and Finishing up

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So, this Round Robin has been so different from the last one.  Don't you think?  I sure love it though.  All the borders have turned out perfect for the theme 'whimsical' don't you think? 

After looking at the heavy sides and a bit lopsided I decided that it needed something elongating!   Funny, how that happened?!  Well, anyways how about adding some whimsical long stemmed flowers.

Let's talk about the last border shall we?  Besides being tall and lengthy it does have a forgiving sashing to help out those that are having some issues with sizes and all.  I auditioned some borders after that {3 inch ones} but really came up with blah. So. I didn't do another one.  The mega pieced sides might need some stay stitching along the edge to keep it all in tact and not stretch.  I am thinking I might just end it here and do a red binding all the way around.  Something that will 'stop' it.  You might on the other hand find that you like an additional border to 'stop' all the business of it— if that is what you want, then do it! please don't think that just because it wasn't added that you don't do it.   Make it your own! I tell you.  Don't let us bossy sewing girls tell you what to do.  🙂

I know you are all disappointed in that it is not quilted ~ you know I totally would have it done~  but….. my machine isn't set up.  So, you will have to just settle for the top.  When it is all finished I will of course show it off and give you some quilting hints. Until then…just image some swirls…. echoeing,….all that good stuff.

Let me tell you girls that if you are looking for a basic and pattern for beginners this could be one to start with. All the borders are very forgiving and can be made to fit if you run into issues with measuring things.  {you can see it, but I do have a warbely border in there}  So have a go if you would like and don't forget to share your photos-— we all would like to see your progress and quilt of course!

I haven't decided what to do next— maybe another round robin {2 a year?  is that too much?}  or maybe a challenge or some sort.  What do you think?  Let me know and i'll get right on it.   heehee

I will be combining the pattern and picking a winner for the last giveaway this week!!!  So get finishing up, or just catch up, or start off— any photo will enter you into the drawing!!!  Share your Photos here!!

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