Patchwork Round Robin Border 5 by Ros

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Hope everyone had a most wonderful and magical Christmas!!  The parties are still going on over here— when will there be time to look for a new home? 

Ros of Rosa-Munda is up this time and she has designed Border #5 for the Round Robin!!

She has added an applique border with leaves all over it.  I added a few quick instructions to the pattern just in case you need some extra little help with how to turn the leaves into patterns. Easy enough– so don't get all flustered with it. If anyone has any questions, leave a comment and let us help you.

Check out the newest additions with their borders:

 From rockydog4 Patchwork Posse row robin #4 by I crochet too From I crochet too Patchwork Posse Border #4 by cricketsstudio From cricketsstudio


Winner of the 4 patterns from my shop is …….. I CROCHET TOO

Ros is giving away a beautiful collection of Batiks + some embroidery floss!

Next Winner will be announced when the next border goes up—

Who is Ros? Her grandfather used to call her Rosa-Munda when she was little, but her friends all call her Ros. For the last fifteen years she has lived in the Chiltern Hills just west of London. Her lovely village was mentioned in the Doomesday Book way back in 1086. She is married with a daughter at uni and son at sixth form college, both studying music. She has two fur babies, Charlie and Elsa, who brighten her day and brings her tremendous joy.

What is Ros up to now?  She is a swapper {love that!} and has shared a few things she mailed off to her partner…. lucky girls.


 Thanks Ros for sharing you talent and designing the border for everyone!!  Post your photos of your Round Robin Here–

Future posts for the next Borders~~~

January 10– Beth, Eva Paige Quilt Designs

January 24— Carrie Cricket Studio

*pst– I will be announcing the next workshop Designers this week + there will be a few giveaways on Monday the 3rd~stay tuned!

* pst-pst— finishing up a few things and will be releasing a NEW PATTERN!!!  A little Wooly Baby {totally needs a different name though}

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