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I See Paris, I see France… I can See your Underpants!

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I played around this week with a new pattern {coming out in May} and made up a few extras.

They are available for purchase in the shop.

I think I am in love with miniatures….. they are so sweet when they are smaller.  However, they give you a little more grief when making. Get the pliers out on this one! The button arms {they move up and down!!!} are a buggar to get that needle through.  After a bit of sore fingers I gave up and brought in the big guns. {the pliers. hee hee}.




Notice their size?


pst— Super thanks for the kind words and support of the birthday.  I read a book out in the sun today– vitamin d!!! feeling a bit better, plus the day is over. On to the rest of the year. weeeee.

4 thoughts on “I See Paris, I see France… I can See your Underpants!

  1. Elisa Black

    Your dolls are so sweet and adorable– I want to buy one for myself (not my daughter) and put it in my sewing room to my admire!! Just discovered your site and have bookmarked it. Hope you had a nice day on your birthday with loved ones!!

  2. Marta

    Che Carine!!! (Italian for ‘sooo cute and adorable’!!)
    I hadn’t heard / read that rhyme in a long time!!!! (maybe when I was a wee little gal…well I guess, having a son kept me away from all those little rhymes!)…anyways, it sure made me smile! Thank you!
    Very creative and cute, especially how their undies that just show a bit from under their skirts!!! Neat idea with the button arms!

  3. Jennifer

    I love these little gals!!

  4. Marilyn

    Those little dolls are the cutest!!! You are so talented. I hear you are going to make a bunny. Can’t wait to see it.

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