Round Robins

From October 11th  to January 24th 2011, every other Monday, instructions for a new side will be posted.

Each side will be designed by a different person. Every two weeks there will be a guest blogger on my blog introducing herself and her block. At the end, you will have made a fun quilt {size determined by sides added— it's sort of a mystery that way}

Of course, all along the way there will be prizes for those who complete the sides. 

There will be another drawing each time side instructions are posted. Anyone who posts a picture of a new side since the last drawing will be entered in the next drawing. The side that you post a picture of doesn't have to be just the previous side. It can be for any of the previous sides that you haven't posted yet.

Here are the dates— {go check your calendar}

October 11—  Me Center Block— Click Here for the Block Pattern

October 25— Joan– Cali Quilter

Click here for the Border by Cali Quilter


November 8— Molly,  Mollys Cottage

 Clickety Click here for the Pattern


November 22— Reeze,  Morning Glory Designs


4th Border~

December 13– Patchwork Posse

Click Here for the Pattern

December 27– Ros

Clickety Click here for the pattern

January 10– Beth, Eva Paige Quilt Designs

Clickety Click here for the pattern 

January 24— Carrie Cricket Studio

Clickety Click here for the Pattern

Clickety Click here for the Post


You don't need to do both dates….just one. Don't want to overwhelm everyone. Here is how it will go— {pretty much the same rules as before. In fact I copy and pasted them. hee hee}

  • There will be 2 round robins posted each month.  
  • The 2nd and 4th Monday of the month
  • Each pattern/post  will be for 2 sides of the quilt.
  • Patchwork Round Robin will last for 4 months. Last round robin post will be in January.

– How each round robin will work:

  • When the 2nd Monday and 4th Monday comes you visit here and find the new post with the new pattern. {I will be the swap boss}
  • There will be a quick intro to the designer of the sides  
  • You will then add the new border designs to YOUR OWN BLOCK!!!   —doesn't this sound nice? You are in charge of your own fabric, colors, and time. weee—
  • Share the photos in the flickr group
  • There will be a Monthly Drawing and Winner!!

– Would you like to play along? 

There are a few roles available:


  • Do you want to be in charge of a pattern? 
  • Tell me what month you want and what week {only 1 time is requested, though you could do more if you like}
  • + You will provide something for the giveaway and send it to the winner!
  • Designs can be pieced, paper pieced, or applique.  You will need to provide the templates if those are needed.
  • Cotton, wool or embroidery will be fine. Just make sure we know what we need in a material list.
  • The borders will be for the opposite sides
  • Borders can be any size up to 4" or 5" wide.  We don't need to end up with a king size quilt, or do we? no, just kidding.

To help you with your confusion let me give you an Example:    

The 4th monday we got our new pattern.  You see it, do it and then add on.  Then you will write up the pattern, cutting instructions, piecing instructions and whatever else and make a little tutorial to show us how.   You will post this on your blog the 2nd Monday of the next month.  I will post here where everyone will go to find you and your addition.  That way nobody gets lost and can never find their way back.  Get it?

—– Piecer/Player

  • You will just be playing along and adding to your own block along with us. No need to come up with the pattern. Just follow along and share your makings with us!
  • Share your progress in the flickr group and you will be entered into the monthly drawing!!

Designer/Pattern Maker– sign ups will be open until we are full.

The first Center Block  and the first 2 sides will be done by MUAH.  I will give you the center block size and a design.  You can decide for yourself if you want a different center block or to do the designed one. 

Now, before anyone says anything smart like–hey, this isn't really a round robin…no one is working on mine, i work on mine…i say yup. BUT WAIT!!!  There are 'others' who are designing what you are putting on your sides…so it will count.  

+ I say so.

There will be a list at the end of all those who helped you make your top so you can include them on a label. Does that work? Does that count? Will you still complain, or just go along with my kookie round robin? 


If you are playing along grab a button-and spread the word– the more the merrier!

Check out the Round Robin we finished in June:  Clickety Click here for the pattern

I really loved it– totally cute!!!

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