Patchwork Round Robin Border 4 with Patchwork Posse

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Sorry this is so late girls– I truly am sorry. My life is at the parents home and I am using their internet and laptop and rooms…and bla bla…. so things have been a bit mixed up.  I am hoping the dust will settle {until we find our new home}…… so until then.

Today I have the next border for the Round Robin.  Catch up if you can!! I love how it is turning out and totally excited to see your cute tops everyone is making.

I added a border to make it just a bit bigger + how about some funky fun pinwheels!!!

The winner of the prize:

Reeze is offering a
FREE PATTERN {your pick from her site}
Check out some totally cute quilts you are working on:

Patchwork Posse Round Robin by cricketsstudio From cricketsstudio      From rockydog4  

Whimsical Round Robin--I'm caught up! by mollyculley From mollyculley  From rockydog4

Future dates of Borders~~

December 27 Ros

January 10 Beth, Eva Paige Quilt Designs

January 24 Carrie Cricket Studio


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