Mothers Day Gift Guide for the Quilter

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I get it.

Mother’s aren’t the easiest to buy for.

I may or may not have become one of those…..

Toss in a hobby that our lives run around and I’m pretty sure we run up there with the impossible.

Today, I’ll give you a few hints on what’s on my list….and these could possibly help you out in your shopping adventure trying to fill the impossible.
mothers day gift guide for quilters

Gift guide for the quilter

1. Get a discount & browse a gift guide at C&T publishing.  There are classes, patterns and supplies to choose from.- You can’t go wrong with any of those!

2. New iOs for Cricut!  Check out the new Cricut basics app…and I believe they have a discount for Mothers!

3. The Farmers Wife Coloring Books- these are so fun!  Great way to spend a few quite moments each day. Coloring not your thing? Check out the other books and supplies they have.

4. Accuquilt fabric cutting system – I have yet to buy me one…maybe this year?  Lots of options though and perfect if you have problems cutting!

5. Annies– the magazine subscription that will keep giving all year long.

6. Thread – you can never have enough…. that’s all I have to say.

7. Big Block Quilts book– great for quick sewing and giving! Combine it with a fabric bundle and you are set! There are other books as well for those who aren’t into large quick blocks.

8. Online Quilting & Sewing Classes- you choose the topic! the classes are numerous…and there is more than quilting as the topic! Pick up a new hobby?!

9. Mother Daughter Quilts – a mix of modern and traditional.  Start with a free trial at Creative Bug.  Classes, inspiration and excellent teachers!

If you are thinking you’d rather sew something.  Check out the 101 Mother’s day gifts you can sew.

mothers day handmade projects | patchwork posse #mothersday #handmade

Need supplies?  Here are my favorites & must have’s:

my favorite sewing supplies- there are 10


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