How to Make a Quilt – Binding

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This is part of the How to make a Quilt Series.  Today we will be working on how to bind a quilt.    There are a few ways that you can bind your quilt- today I am keeping it simple with the roll over binding.  That is where the backside comes to the front.

how to make a quilt binding | PatchworkPosse #quilting Learn how to finish your quilt with binding.  This is part of the how to make a quilt series. Great for beginners!

How to Bind a Quilt:

1)  Trim off the excess batting.  You will want to fold back the backing fabric so you don’t catch it when you are trimming!


2)  Measure from the quilt border out- 1″ and trim


3)  Fold over the backing fabric to line up with the border


4)  Fold this over one more time -this time is overlaps the border area


5)  Stitch in place.  I kept the walking foot on and it helped alot!  The binding didn’t have any pucker spots at all!

If you are interested in doing a traditional strip binding here are some great tutorials to help you out- 

How to make your bias tape for binding,  sewing your bias strips together, and how to bind a quilt.  Tricky corners– check here for binding your corners


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