Quilt Borders- What is a stop border?

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So are quilt borders called a “stop border”?

The easy answer- It’s a simple border the divides one space to another on the quilt.  It can surround a whole center, a block or happen just before all of the other quilt borders that you might be sewing on.

Since I am kind of visual gal, I have come up with a few different examples and ideas of ways that you can use quilt borders or stop borders in your quilt.

quilt borders what is a stop border / patchwork posse

This shows a great example of tiny, skinny stop border.  In fact, this is folded fabric {3-d effect} tucked into the seam when sewing the border to the center of the quilt.  Use of a bright or dark color of fabric really helps your eyes ‘stop’ in the design and actually rest.

A place of rest for your eyes is needed when there is a lot of stuff going on.  Whether that stuff is the pattern of the fabric or the design of the quilt block.  You eyes like to rest for a bit before traveling to a new spot on the quilt.

quilt borders stop border

Below is a great example of a stop border for a quilt.  See how the green border all the way around the center section which helps divide it from the rest of the quilt?  Even after the stop border was added, the quilt went on with additional rows.  No where does it say that you have to continue with regular borders on your quilt after sewing a stop border.  You might even pick out the 4 red stop borders used on the top and bottom of the flying geese rows.  This helps them stand out and not get lost against the other busy rows.

quilt borders stop border

This particular border only has the stop border on the top and botton– not needed on the sides, so don’t think that you have to always have them match all the way around.

stop borders for quilts

This border on the mega flying geese quilt, actually shows the traditional stop with adding additional borders around it.  It slows your eye right down, and stops on the dark.  Then your eyes travel further with the outer border.  See how smart your eyes are? {pun intended because I’m a cheeseball}

sewing a border on your quilt

This stop border does it’s job- you hit it before the outer quilt borders which are scrappy- but take a look at the corner blocks.  The stop border can have a little bit of surprise too.  This little block in the corner adds more interest and design to the quilt.

sashing for your quilt

With and without a stop border:

whirly gig quilt  whirly gig quilt tutorial

Can you see the difference?

When piecing your quilt, try a few different ideas and colors.  Who knows- you might love it with one or without……

Now that you know all about quilt borders called ‘stop borders’ do you have any in your quilts?


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