fingerless gloves pattern - make them custom sized! PatchworkPosse #freepattern #winter #textinggloves
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How to make a Fingerless Gloves Pattern

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But, hey it’s a little chilly out there right now!  Nothings better than toasty hands. Along with that comes with the frustration of not having fingers free to answer calls, text and keep in touch with others, or perhaps stitching a bit!

The solution– A custom sized fingerless gloves pattern….. and add a bit of applique  and embroidery– and your have something totally personalized.

fingerless gloves pattern - make them custom sized!  PatchworkPosse #freepattern #winter #textinggloves

Fingerless Gloves Pattern

These can be made for any age.  Because you are tracing your own hand, they are even made to fit.  Everyone in my family has their own pair and there is a basket by the door in the winter to house them all.  Perfect for grab and go.

The perfect material to use for these fingerless gloves is a felted wool sweater.  The edges of the arms are perfect trims for the gloves.

Materials Needed:

felted wool sweat or fleece– if using a wool sweater, make sure it has been felted really well.  When you cut the glove, the finger area will be raw and will ravel if it isn’t felted properly.

Fleece works great too.  The raw edge will not ravel and you can pick from some fun prints, or make a matching scarf.


1)  Trace hand on paper


2)  Draw a line across the top {where the fingers are} where you would like the glove to end.  The thumb will also need to be shortened and cut across the top.


3)  Cut out the template adding 1/4″ to the drawn line- above shows that I drew a second line where I would use as my cutting guide.

4)  Lay your fabric- right sides together.  You will need to make sure the fabric is stretching from side to side.  If using a felted sweater you can lay the template so the cuff of the sweater is at the bottom of the glove.

5)  Pin the template on top of the layered fabric


6)  Sew just outside of the template–


* Stitch down both sides, and then a little V stitch in between the thumb and the finger area.


7)  Cut out, turn right sides out and try on.  Sew another line if you need to make it fit better.

To give it a little more spunky fun…..add a few applique shapes.  Cut out and stitch with a running stitch along the side. The stitches will need to be a little bigger so they will stretch with the glove when putting it on.


Each glove has one part of the arrow–

fingerless gloves pattern - make them custom sized!  PatchworkPosse #freepattern #winter #textinggloves
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    These are great! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for later today that links to your tutorial:

  2. Amy Huntley

    These would be a great first time sewing project!

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