Dandy Handy Warmers

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How about a little tutorial about Handy Dandy Hand Warmers?!

I thought at first i would like to make crochet ones…but then i thought….in about 1 day they will be lost, missing, stuck in a corner, stuffed in a coat, or whatever else and i don't want to put the effort time and everything else to face this. So, the solution? Fleece
So get yourself a little piece of fleece, a little hand, and make the little ones some handy warmers. their wrists get chilly too you know.

It's as simple as 1-2-3!!!

Note: *make sure the 'stretchy' goes from thumb to outer edge…NOT tip of fingers to wrist. this will make it a lot easier to put your hand in.*


Trace your little ones hands (or print out pattern below). Make sure their little thumb is out just a bit so you can get that curve–where the pencil is–.

After cutting off the fingers and wrist (paper only please) add 1/2 inch to one side following the same shape and cut out pattern. (this will help with seam allowance and such)

Should look a bit like this:

2) SEW:

Pin that pattern right to the fleece pieces -right sides together- and sew along the outside edge. Don't sew on the paper and make sure that stretch is going the right direction -see above note-

Sew both sides and that little thumb curve. DON'T sew the top or the bottom for obvious reasons. *Make sure you back stitch at each start and stop so it won't come apart when turned*

Trim the piece of fleece –don't cut that stitching–. Trim the top finger area and the wrist area straight. Then remove the pattern. TADA!!


Turn right sides out. Make sure it fits. Now repeat for second hand.

Here you can see how i made the pattern just a bit bigger for the older daughter 11years. Just made the fingers longer and the wrist are too.



Here is the pattern:


Click on the picture to blow it up and print picture. I clicked on preview print and then made just a few side adjustments to make it fit on the paper correctly. The ruler is there so you can get the measuring right if needed. The one on the bottom I used for ages 5-8. The one on the top if for the 11 year old. You can use them and adjust as you see fit too.

Have fun and let us know if you use it so we can all see your sewings!!

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