10 Hand Warmers Tutorials – to keep you toasty

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I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to the chilly nights…and mornings.  We are considering moving to a warmer place because Utah is filled with lots of chilly mornings and nights through out the year.

Those random bits of weather that you can’t really justify turning on the heater or starting up a fire because you know in a few hours you will be sweating.  Seriously we have weird, unpredictable weather around here.

So- to help with this and to keep myself from freezing and shivering like a wimp…. these are a life saver.

hand warmers tutorial to keep your fingers toasty

They are so simple to make and then when done you pop them into the microwave (don’t over cook or they will burn and stink up the whole house. yeah, you don’t need to ask how I know that).

Pop them into a pocket or lay on your lap and awe…… yeah. They are really that good.

Here are a few shapes and sizes — you can make a few for yourself.  They are perfect for handmade holidays too!

hand warmers tutorial to keep your fingers toasty

Hand Warmer Tutorial ~ to keep you toasty

hand warmer tutorial- heart shaped #valentines Patchwork Posse

Heart hand warmers- easy with pinking shears!

hand warmers with a strap


Fun Fabric- simple square hand warmers

DIY Reusable Hand Warmers | ComfortablyDomestic.com

Fit them into your gloves- just the right size


Cuter than a bear pocket warmer

stocking stuffer idea- handmade heat pack tutorial

Owls– templates are included!


Fox Hand Warmer

DIY Resuable Hand Warmers from Mismatched Socks

Use mismatched socks for your hand warmers- 

Hand stitched owl hand heaters

hand warmers

Custom shaped- tea bags!

Toasty foot warmers too!

owl heater

small but efficient!

rice filled heating pad with essential oils tutorial

Rice Heating Pad Tutorial

Looking for other toasty projects?

fingerless gloves pattern - make them custom sized! PatchworkPosse #freepattern #winter #textinggloves

Fingerless gloves…they are custom fit!

And because you can never have enough–

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