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How to Quilt

Learning how to quilt starts with one step at a time. It’s a process….and an experimentation of techniques, ideas, layouts and just plain fun!

If you have been quilting for a little bit now, you have found that it isn’t a one time and you’re done.  There is always something new to discover.  A new notion or pattern.

Whether that technique be applique, quilt as you go, embroidery extras, or patchwork, there is something for everyone!

During 2014 there was a series of how to quilt.  It was all about basics and learning new ideas and it runs from fabric, color, thread, technique and more.

Here we are at the end of the year and I am delighted in how much information was shared and what you helped put together with me.

How to Quilt — Pre-K Patchwork — Quilting 101

Quilting Fabric Cards 

Basic Quilting Tools and Supplies

What is a Quilt?

Using Quilt Rulers and Specialty Rulers

Backing and How to Square up your Quilt

Using Pre cut fabric kits and bundles

Ironing and Pressing- When and Why?

Fabric Starch

Nesting Seams and other Quick Tips

Checking your 1/4″ Seam

Cutting Fabric Strips at an angle

Cutting Fabric Squares and Strips

 Square up your Fabric

Using your Rotary Cutter

Fabric Style, Color and Print

Using the Color Wheel

Fabric Grain

Washing your Fabric

Fabric Quality

Quilt Batting

All About Thread

Fabric Calculators

Quilt Binding

Quilt Sizes

Quilter’s Knot

Quilt Techniques:

Paper Piecing

Sewing at a Mile a Minute

All about Applique

Strip Piecing

Fabric Dyeing

All about Embroidery

Quilt as you Go

Sewing Hexagons

Some extras:

Quilting Terms— what do all those words mean?

Hand sewing tips and hints

Buying a Sewing Machine Printable Check list

Sewing Bingo Cards

Fabric Bundle Wrap Printable

How-to-Quilt | PatchworkPosse #howtoquilt #sewing

Is there another topic you are needing?  Let me know and I’ll see what I can come up with.

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