How to Sew a Mile a Minute

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Do you sew a mile a minute?

I totally do!  The table shakes and all the fabric bits are flying everywhere.  The fabric bits is where it begins.

I don’t know about you, but I find that I keep a lot of little bits.  Fabric pieces that get cut off because they are too small for the project I am working on….or the project is over and now I am left with fabric scraps.

Whatever the reason I end up with this pile of good fabric…..if it only was bigger!

How about we figure out how to sew them a mile a minute and get them large enough for a project.

Today we will work on that together-

Sew a mile a minute. Get your little bits of fabric scraps and let's get them into a project!

The process can be quickly broken down to– you sew a small piece to another piece of fabric.  You iron it open.  You sew this new pieced piece to another fabric scrap.  You iron it, and continue until it’s as big as you’d like.

I love this way of sewing. There is no rhyme or reason to it.  You aren’t concerned that your points will be picked at {by others who have the eye to quickly react to non matching points}, you aren’t worried about the fabric too much- who cares if the stripes are all crooked!  That sort of thing.

It is the kind of sewing that can become mindless.  You are just feeding that sewing machine as quick as you can, without thought.

So let’s get started!

fabric bits that will turn into a project using the mile a minute technique

Materials needed:
  • a big pile of fabric scraps- sizes aren’t measured here.  Little bits, medium bits, large bits.  They can all work together.
  • iron
  • sewing machine

How to Sew a Mile a Minute:

1)  Iron all those little bits of fabric scraps until they are all flat and wrinkle free

2)  Match two pieces together at one end -right sides together

3)  Sew them together

4) Without snipping your thread, grab another 2 pieces and sew them together

5) Continue this process until you have a big long line of sewn pieces, all connected by thread

mile a minute tutorial | patchwork posse #quilting #sewing #tutorial

6)  Snip the thread in between the pieces and iron those really well

mile a minute tutorial | patchwork posse #quilting #sewing #tutorial

7)  Using this fresh set of pieced parts…..grab two and sew them together

8)  Repeat, repeat, repeat

You will find this mile a minute sewing process quick and easy!  Before you know it, your little pile of out of control fabric scraps are large enough to move onto the next step.

Sew a Mile a Minute:

1)  Decide on how large you would like to cut these– for the example in the tutorial, I went with 6″ X 6″ squares

2)  Lay the ruler on top of the piece and trim the edges to the correct size

mile a minute tutorial | patchwork posse #quilting #sewing #tutorial

3)  Continue this process until you have all the blocks cut

mile a minute tutorial | patchwork posse #quilting #sewing #tutorial

* if you find that you are small on one side, take it back to the machine and add another scrap.  Then cut into the quilt block

When you are sewing like this don’t worry about the seams, or points.  You will be cutting a few of them at some point.  Don’t cry over it, just get to the final product which is a cute quilt block that you can now use for a project.

If you are using your scraps you might find that they are crazy in color! Maybe too much to handle.  A great way to combat this is to add sashing between the blocks to calm down the business.  Just have fun and watch your scraps slowly get used up.

mile a minute quilt blocks how to sew this technique and use your fabric scraps

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