quilt size printable chart and the ultimate quilters library - all online!
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Quilt Sizes Printable Chart & Quilters Library

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Coming up with quilts usually isn’t a problem for me.  I find or design a pattern and boom…I get sewing!  What is a problem?  Finding quilt sizes to sew for my bed!

There has been so many changes in thickness of mattresses, pillowtops added…ect. that coming up with quilt sizes that actually fits the bed can be a challenge.

Here’s a free printable— save it to your computer and build your own quilter’s guide and library.  Also included with the quilt sizes are the pre cut fabric sizes!  That comes in so handy!!

First here are the Quilt sizes of the typical mattresses:

Standard Beds: (Mattress sizes)
Crib 27 x 46 inches
Twin/Day bed 39 x 75 inches
Full/ Double 54 x 75 inches
Queen 60 x 80 inches
Standard King 76 x 80 inches

Grab that printable above here: Quilting Library & Quilt Sizes Cheat Sheet

Now that we know that we can use it to build upon to make a quilt the right size.

Measuring your bed:

1)  Measure the thickness of your mattress – start at the corner of the top and measure to the corner of the bottom

2)  Double this measurement and add to the side measurement {or the first number listed}- this will allow the quilt to drape the sides of the mattress

3)  Add measurement from step 1 to the length measurement {or the second number listed}- this will allow the quilt to drape at the end of the bed

4)  Determine how you want to deal with the quilt at the top of the bed- tuck under the pillow or wrap the pillow.  Measure the pillow area and add it to the length measurement from step 3.

This will get you pretty close to the final quilt size.  You might want to add an additional 3-5″ to the final size to adjust for quilting, and bodies sleeping under the quilt.  {don’t you hate it when one side isn’t covered because your body lifts the quilt?! I totally do}

A few other things to consider- machine quilting can shrink your quilt 1″ -3″ and then if you wash it, it will tighten everything down a little bit more.

Another thing to think about– do you want the quilt to go under the pillows or on top of them?  Adjusting the length of the quilt will make this happen.  Don’t be thrown off when your quilt is wayyy long.  This will allow the tuck or hide happen.  Square quilts typically go under your pillow –or could even just go right to it, depending on the size.

I suggest taking a quilt or blanket that you already are using- and love the way it looks on your bed and measure it.  This will get you pretty close or exact to what you would like when you replace the quilt.

The last quilt that I made for my bedroom, that is what I did.  I measured the quilt we were using and used it as a guide to make sure the new one would fit just right.

For more great info on finding quilt sizes for your bed check here and here.

quilt size printable chart and the ultimate quilters library - all online!

Download the Quilt Sizes Printable here.

Do you have a trick to find the perfect quilt size for your bed?


3 thoughts on “Quilt Sizes Printable Chart & Quilters Library

  1. Carol Stearns

    Thank you for the info. You might want to add 3 to 4 inches per side to make sure the quilt covers the sides of the mattress and hangs into the box spring. Years of creating beautiful bedding for my clients. I’m a decorator. Carol

  2. Becky

    Carol- you are so right! I almost think its better to error on the bigger side too- just in case. Thanks for mentioning it.

  3. Clara

    And I literally just yesterday thought I wish I had a resource for how big quilts should be!
    Thank you for this!

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