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It’s time for my quilt group summer dinner party.  Every summer and at Christmas we have a dinner party.  It’s a great evening…full of food, chatting, games and prizes.

This year since I am president I thought that a bingo game would be fun.  In the past we have used the fabric scrap boards which are a lot of fun, but for this year I was looking for something different and a little more simpler.

sewing bingo boards- printable | patchworkposse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns

There are a lot of different images for the sewing bingo game.  There are notions, applique, labels, ricrac, buttons, sequins and more.  The card is loaded with 30 possible images. {not all images are on all the cards}

Materials Included:

7 different sewing bingo boards- 24 sewing images on each card with a center free square

1 sewing bingo calling cards with all images used on boards to cut out and pick to call out


The whole collection is $2.00

Sewing Bingo Instructions:

1)  Cut out the calling cards and place in a basket or container

2)  Hand out the sewing bingo boards {print as many as needed} there may be more than one– the boards are numbered on the bottom so you know how many of each board you have.

3)  Hand out smarties or chocolate as markers for the boards

4)  Pick out of the basket one card– those who have it put a maker on that space

5)  5 in a row is a bingo winner.  Center square is a freebie

Prizes for winners– hand out when someone yells bingo!


This was a lot of fun to play with and everyone had a great time.  If they had already won a prize out of the basket and won a second time, they were able to choose a chocolate.


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