using fabric bundles and kits | patchwork posse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns
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Using Pre-cut Fabric Bundles and Kits

Pre-cut fabric can be a life saver.  I used to not be a big fan of them……I liked to hand pick the collection of fabric I was going to use in a project.  My sense of style is a bit quirky and mixing and matching the fabric was the only way I like it.

using fabric bundles and kits | patchwork posse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns

Well, things change.  What I like now is the whole variety of fabric that the one line or designer has.  I can feel safe that all the prints will go with each other.  The colors will match.  That there is a good variety of patterns or textures within the one line.

The variety of fabric and lines is incredible these days.  To help me not waste time in the fabric store, fussing over each and every piece of fabric {not that I don’t mind being there longer than I need} I find that the pre-cut fabric and kits are more and more appealing.


Quilt or Project Kits:

These are great.  You see the project or quilt on display at your quilt store, or online, or in a magazine….and you fall in love.  You love it so much you want to make one EXACTLY the same!  This is where the beauty of a kit comes in.

The kit is put together {usually pretty close or exactly like the display item} and sold all together.  Depending on who does this, it might include precut pieces, applique cut and with fusing on the back.

These are great for sitting down, having all the pieces in one place, everything is ready to go.  You unload it, read the first step in the pattern and you start sewing!

I have not bought a lot of kits in the past, but when I do, I find they are soooo worth it!    This lets you focus on sewing the project.  Let time running around picking out fabric, digging through your stash, or sometimes forgetting that you had bought the pattern but never started it!

They typically don’t cost more than buying the fabric all by itself, plus the pattern.  So, to have someone pick it all and sometimes precut it, the price can be very worth it.

There is a warning with these– know that there is a someone else out there with the EXACT same kit!  This is not the way to go if you are looking to make a one of a kind quilt.  It just won’t happen.

Also- check with the contents.  Some include the binding, backing, batting {if a smaller project}, specialty fabric, ruler, and pattern.  You will want to read all the info before you purchase so you know if there is anything else in addition to the kit that you might have to have.

woodland fabric line

Fabric Bundles:

I love the idea of finding a style of designer or print or fabric line and getting every single piece of it.  I love that I don’t have to take the fabric outside to see if the colors really match.  No more asking others of their opinions either!  There is a pretty good chance that they all go and the end result will be stunning.

Moda Bake Shop has a few handy forms for helping you figure out your fabric requirements if you aren’t using precut fabric. That will help you know how much fabric is in a fat quarter pack, a jelly roll….ect.  You can find the charts here:  Printable fabric charts


This shows what sizes each collection includes.  For safety, you will want to check the label from your fabric to verify what it includes.

There are a lot of fabric companies who have adopted the same kind of packs, but check the label so you won’t be surprised when you open it up.  Just in case you are wondering what sizes come in a pre-cut fabric ……like charm packs, jelly rolls, layer cakes…ect.  Here is the size chart– p.s. there is a free printable card too!  Super handy when you are trying to remember!

printable card of pre cut fabric sizes / #fatquarter #fabric

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Q & A- Have you sewn using this method before?  What suggestions do you have for us? 

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    Where can I order the precut and designed kits? I would like to make sm. Quilts for children’s hospital and abused children’s shelters!

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