Keeping it Super Simple- What is a Quilt?

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So the big question we are going to start the series of Pre-K Patchwork is What is a quilt?

what is a quilt

The dictionary puts it this way?
quilt [kwilt]
* bed cover: a bed cover made of two layers of fabric stitched together with padding held in place by decorative intersecting seams
something similar to quilt: something that resembles a quilt or is quilted
* sew fabric like quilt: to sew two layers of fabric together with a filling, especially using decorative stitching

It can be either the word used for the process of making the quilt…or the finished product. The Quilt.

quilting 101

We will go into further details in the next lessons on what we use for the layers.  I have seen quilt makers use flannel for the center layer, I have used an old wool blanket.  The layers can be anything that is able to be sewn together.  The idea is to keep it cozy, but sometimes you just use what you have!

This is the clear difference between a blanket and a quilt.  Blanket being something in the singular form.  A single piece of fabric.  All by itself.  It has not been joined to other layers.  These can also be reversible- like fleece.  The pattern is on both sides of the fabric, making there no ‘wrong’ side.

Because of the layers of the quilt, you have more control over content too…and look….and how heavy it is…and how large it gets….etc.  Your front can look very different from the back, or you can make it co ordintate, or plain, or it can show off your quilting, or be a whole new quilt in itself.  I love being in charge of all of these decisions.

This is one of the reasons I became a designer- I love the process of exploring new textures, weights, combinations, patterns, and then putting them all together for a finished product that gets wrapped around someone- to keep warm, or remind them of you.

Q&A:  What is a quilt to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts…. leave a comment and lets discuss!

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