Cutting your fabric at an angle | quilting 101 | pre-k patchwork
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Cutting Fabric Strips at an Angle

Cutting strips is a pretty plain and simple thing…but when you add an angle in the mix, it becomes something totally new!

Today’s topic for Pre-K Patchwork Series we are hitting how to cut your fabric at an angle and get it right every time.

Cutting your fabric at an angle | quilting 101 | pre-k patchwork

Angle cut fabric strips can be used for bias binding or for angular quilt blocks or quilt patterns.   Keep in mind that when you cut fabric on an angle, it will stretch.  Try to keep the pieces from moving around alot to avoid stretch.

Step 1)  Laying your fabric on the cutting table, line up the bottom edge to the straight line along the cutting mat.

Step 2)  Using the lines on the cutting mat- find the 45 degree angle.

Step 3)  Line up your ruler and make your first cut about 4″ from the edge.  This corner piece will not be used, so stash it away in your scrap basket.


Step 4)  Using the new cut, line up your ruler to the correct width.  For bias hem tape I use the width of 2 1/4″.  Cut your strip with your rotary cutter.


Step 5)  Continue using the cut line as your point of reference for your ruler and cut.

** Don’t make this cut when the fabric is folded.  You will end up with a V at the fold– not good.

** You can also use the angle printed on a ruler for reference.  Either the ruler or the cutting mat will work.

Now that your strips are cut, head on over to here for a quick how to use the hem tape maker for binding strips.

This is part of the Pre-K Patchwork Series.  Click here for more Quilting 101 tips.

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  1. Audrey

    I have a quilt that needs 3 borders. The middle one I would like to sew 3 inch strips together, cut on an angle, and sew together. Then join them for the second border. I’ve done this before but can’t remember how I did it. HELP thank-you

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