Fabric Starch

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Learn how to use fabric starch when you are quilting. It’s so helpful to keep your fabrics from stretching, which is so important. You can even make your own!

This is a heavy topic.  There is so much information out there to gather. Fabric Starch can be your best or worst friend in the quilting world.  Some sewers love it, others hate it.  It really depends on your style really.

Let's talk about starch and fabric | pre k patchwork | #quilting101 | patchwork posse

Typically we like to have our fabric keep itself stiff, straight and in line.  We don’t want the wiggle and stretch to mess everything up, so we use fabric starch.

When piecing quilt blocks, starch comes in very handy.  You can even use it for appliqueing! There is liquid starch and spray starch.

Heather over on The Sewing Loft, wrote up a fantastic post all about fabric starch.  

Thinking it made no sense to write it up again, I am just going to tell you to hop on over to her site and read it.

Let's talk about starch and fabric | pre k patchwork | #quilting101 | patchwork posse

The topic of brands, pro’s, con’s…you name it is all there. To give you a quick overview– you can find products ranging from a couple of bucks to almost 10.

There are stiffness strengths to take into consideration too, smells…etc. To help you out a little more

Here are some fabric starch resources:

Want to make your own starch?

Homemade Fabric Spray starch Tutorial

Sew Blessed recipe LCS cottage

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Q & A- Do you use fabric starch when quilting?  What are your pros and cons?


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