How to Make a Quilt – Piecing a Quilt

How to Make a Quilt – Piecing a Quilt

Have you gathered all of your goods?  Ready to start sewing? This little quilt is a perfect way to start quilting. It’s a manageable size–to even quilt too.

The design itself is simple.  Great for modern fabric and design or traditional colors….or fun and funky fabric + scraps!  All around you can do whatever you’d like.

How to make a quilt | PatchworkPosse #quilt #sewalong Learn how to keep your seams straight and chain piece. Great quilt for beginners.

I am kind of the sewer that adjusts things though…so if you find that you want something a bit different– then do it.  Exploring and changing things to our own style is the best way to learn.

Materials Needed: (this was mentioned yesterday)

Squares: 30 — 5″ X 5″ squares

Sashing:  2– 2  1/2″ X 23″

Borders:  2– 2 1/2″ X 23″   and 5″ X 35″

Piecing a quilt tutorial~

Before we get started lets check your seam allowance.  I sew my quilts with a 1/4″ seam.  Whatever you use, you will just need to keep it consistent.  Things just don’t line up if you are all over the place on your seams.  I don’t currently have a 1/4″ seam guided sewing machine foot, so for now I have a piece of tape that lines up with the 1.4 inch to keep things equal.


1)  Sew your squares into pairs….the easiest way to do this is pair them up, sew them together, pair them up, sew them together- don’t snip threads in between.  Just chain piece them.


2)  Cut the pairs apart and lay them out — arrange how you’d like


3)  Sew the blocks into 3 columns– each has 10 squares in the set

4)  Sew the strips in between each column of squares


At first I did use a different fabric– but didn’t like how it turned out.  It was too dark and wasn’t as fun and bright. So I unpicked it all and started again with the yellow polka dot fabric


5)  Sew your borders on the outside.  For this quilt the top and bottom borders are smaller or thinner than the sides.  This was to let the quilt get a little bit wider since it was looking a bit narrow.



Tomorrow we will be tackling the quilting!  Get your sewing all done today and join us for the next step.

I’d love to see what you’re sewing!  Share them in the flickr group.

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