Embroidery Stitches On Free Embroidery Patterns

Ready to learn embroidery? You can print and stitch these free embroidery designs and learn a few new embroidery stitches. Great resource!

Embroidery Stitches aren’t any fun unless they are of course stitched into a sampler.  And free embroidery patterns are the best place to start!

There are a few sites that have the best free patterns {some I have been following for a few years even}.  There are a few new sites as well.

For the most part when looking for patterns you will find that simple designs and lines are the best.  Because you are using thread to share your message or story, the less complicated the better.  Nothing is worse than cluttering up the pattern with a ton of stitches…unless you are going for the all cluttered look of french knots, or fur stitching.

Free Patterns so you can practice your Embroidery Stitches

Awhile back I had given out a free Sampler…and I am reposting it here.  There aren’t any super fancy embroidery stitches used– french knot, running stitch, laisy daisy…but great to sew up anyways.  Plus, it’s kind of Springy.

mini stitchery free pattern

click to download

embroidery stitches free pattern

The Noble Wife Happy Spring

embroidery stitches free pattern

Hudson Holiday– Shirley is a fantastic designer with some awesome designs.  She has a monthly Create it Club too.

embroidery stitches free pattern

Embroidered Kittens by Bustle and Sew

embroidery stitches free pattern

try your hand at embroidery stitches on a bird plushie

embroidery stitches free hoop pattern

become a pro at French Knots! 

Craft Gossip has a great post with a collection of patterns that you can practice your stitches on.

If you are totally into making your own sampler- here is a tutorial on making your own stitchery using a photo.  The process is simple and totally fun!

embroidery stitches free pattern patchwork posse

This was the last house we lived in…..I need to make a new one obviosely, but I am not in love with this house.  It doesn’t have the greatest apeal from the outside…..but I am greatful for it. Maybe I’ll have to draw it up and see what happens.

Do you have a favorite site or free pattern where we can use our new knowledge of embroidery stitches?