How To Make Your Own Dresden Plate Template

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The Dresden Plate template is something you can give yourself a try at making!

They are fun to sew ….but what if you don’t own that special ruler?  Are you out of luck and can’t give this fun block a try?

No way!

Today we’ll go over a quick way to make your own dresden plate template.

dresden plate how to make your own template| patchworkposse | easy sewing projects and free quilt tutorials

Materials Needed:

card stock paper or something else that will work for a template



Dresden Plate Template Instructions:

1)  Measure a line along the bottom 3 1/2″ in length.  No matter how tall you want your dresden to be, this is a pretty standard size along the bottom.  This actually turns out to be the ‘top point’ of the dresden, just to let you know.

dresden plate how to make your own template| patchworkposse | easy sewing projects and free quilt tutorials

2)  Measure and mark the center of the 3 1/2″.  It is 1 3/4″

3)  Measure and mark the height of your dresden that you’d like.   I made mine 5″ tall.


4)  Measure and mark 1/2″ from each side

5)  Draw a line lining up the 1/2″ marks at the top to the bottom corners


6) Cut out template



Quick notes about the template.

  • The skinny part is actually the bottom of the dresden.
  • The wider end will be sewn together and make the point at the tip of the dresden.

If you’d like a chunkier shape, make the 1″ at the top wider!  You can practice a few different sizes with fabric scraps until you get the shape that you are going for.

Now that you have your template….. head on over and find out how you can sew the dresden!


And-  here are some fun quilts to make with them!

20 + Dresden Plate quilt tutorials

Apron Tutorial

dresden plate | hints, tips, patterns, templates | PatchworkPosse #dresdenplate #quilting #freepattern

All about dresden plates– hints, tips, templates and projects

Do you have any dresden plate tips or hints?  What works best for you?


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