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    Essential Oils List Blank Printable

    Lately I have been a little more focused on getting my life a bit more organized. Whether that is tackling the calendar on the phone (I try and put everything there, the brain is just not as sharp at remembering things anymore) or having a few printables to help me keep track of projects, ideas or whatever…..this is the newest…

  • poo pourri recipe for DIY poo spray
    Essential Oils

    Poo Pourri Recipe

    You probably are going bonkers trying to figure out where in the world this came from or how it fits there.  Let me hurry and tell you before you run away. You sew.  You sew with others.  You go on retreats.  Your bathroom is right next to the ironing station.  You have to use the restroom.  Yeah….you see where this…

  • essential oil containers and kits start using your oils in a new way. great for beginners
    Essential Oils

    Essential Oil Containers

    Essential Oils are one of my most exciting finds this year.  I use them in the house, in my sewing space and really everywhere.  I have a few favorite scents and am beginning to mix and match a few to make things that work well for me and my family. When mixing your oils though (if you are a beginner…

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    Essential Oils Key Fobs Tutorial

    Whether it’s back to school, or a sewing retreat, or whatever the occasion- maybe it’s just daily run arounds and errands!  I do love to have a few essential oils on hand.  I am kind of funny like that (are you funny like that as well?) A few of my favorites- brain power, clarity, joy (smells like roses!) just to…

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    Little Lavender Sachet

    A lavender sachet doesn’t have to be a specific size or shape.  These little sachets are a triangle.  They even have a little ribbon loop so you can hook it onto something or grab it easy. Besides using them in your drawers and maybe your fabric shelf these would be great to use as fabric weights when you are cutting…

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    How to Sew a Heating Pad

    The weather has no idea what  it’s doing around here.  Chilly, warm. Chilly, warm. Repeat. This heating pad has been a life saver!  I love being warm….not chilly.  I use my hand warmers, but this big long thing is perfect for draping across your lap, shoulders or wherever you’d like it.  It won’t fall off because the rice shifts around.…

  • handmade lotion bar with essential oils
    Essential Oils

    How to Make Lotion Bars

    My hands are dry. During the winter they are terrible. I don’t really notice until I am working on some hand stitching and then spot them. They are a wreck! They snag on everything. They snag on the thread, yarn, fabric. They are static. They cling to everything!!! In the past I’ve made soap. I went on a big soap…