How to Sew a Heating Pad

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The weather has no idea what  it’s doing around here.  Chilly, warm. Chilly, warm. Repeat.

This heating pad has been a life saver!  I love being warm….not chilly.  I use my hand warmers, but this big long thing is perfect for draping across your lap, shoulders or wherever you’d like it.  It won’t fall off because the rice shifts around.

And, the smell.  I added a few drops of essential oils (learn more about essential oils for beginners –if you are just a beginner like me!) to the rice before filling them and it’s divine.

heating pad tutorial with essential oils and rice

Materials Needed:

2–  7″ X 17″  one front, one back

rice- 3 cups

essential oils ( I used lavendar)
pinking shears

rice filled heating pad with essential oils tutorial

Heating Pad Tutorial~

1)  layer your two fabric together– wrong sides facing

2)  Sew around 3 sides (two long and one short) 1/2″ seam allowance

heating pad stitching

3)  Place your rice in a ziploc bag and drop in around 10 or more drops of the essential oil of your choice.  Close the bag and give it a good mix

essential oils in the heating pad

4)  Measure your sections with a ruler and mark a straight line with a pencil.  The sections are 3 1/2″ inches.  Continue measure and marking until you have the whole piece done

measure the sections and mark

5)  Fill the first section with rice

fill the sections with rice

6)  Sew on the drawn line, pushing the rice out of the way

stitch on the drawn line

7)  Repeat this until you are at the end of the bag– sew the end closed after filling it with the rice

8)  Using pinking shears, trim the edges

cut with pinking shears

You can heat these in the microwave for around one minute.  Test the timing out as everyone has a different microwave and heat going on.

You can also stick these into the freezer for using when you need a cold press.

If this is too big for you — you might like the little wool hand warmers.  Perfect for keeping in your pockets.


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